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Mz Booty

Mz. Gazoo…your massive a-hole has left us speechless. We don’t know whether to drool, cry tears of joy or reach out and cop a feel of your stupendous a-hole. It’s just so…big. It is larger than big! “Thank u. I’ve that effect on people. Everywhere I go men and hotty’s go bonkers for my booty. It’s been that way since I was juvenile. I come from a long line of big-bootied honeys. We are all beautiful short and then we’ve these large asses. I guess it is coz I am only 4’8″ that my a-hole has even bigger quantity visual impact. Especially when u see me from the front 1st. People usually see my milk cans first and they think, ‘Wow! Those are big fullsome funbags for such a short hotty!’ Then I walk past them and they watch my arse and lose their minds. I have had people stop and stare as I walk on by. I am used to the reaction I get, but my ass does cause a commotion wherever I go.”

Mz Booty


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