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Plumper: 70 Photos of Gia Johnson

Gia Johnson is youthful, recent and hawt. In the opening photo, this babe admires herself in a handheld mirror. She has each right to admire her BOBBY and rounded cleavage. Gia likes it when lads compliment her body. She doesn’t think it is improper, like a lot of stuck-up strumpets who suit hot to attract attention and then get bonkers when you praise them. Some of the comments has received about Gia include: “I’d do her in a second.” ” One of the foremost newcomers of the year so far. I’m sure others agree with me.” “I’ll bet she could keep u rigid all night.” “Let’s see more of Gia…with a pecker in her.”

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Cummy Pantyhose

Hailey Youthful and her chap are celebrating their anniversary by going to a worthwhile hotel. Hailey went to receive some ice from the machine down the hall and when this babe returns that babe finds him wearing a pair of her tights. Majority hotty’s would be shocked, but Hailey is turned on by it! She knows her stud has a hose fetish and wishes to aid him satisfy his dream.

Hailey comes over and starts to rub his penis throughout the nylon material and he receives rock hard. This babe rips open his tights so that this babe can have to his knob with her throat. This babe gives him a oral, then begins to grind her hose covered pussy against his now rock hard ramrod. He can feel how luscious she’s getting, even through the pantyhose and just has to tear it apart so this chab bonk her! It’s one hot fucking session with ’em one as well as the other wearing hose!

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Kelly and her husband, Will, are indeed precious at screwing; they will fuck every night of the week if they have the chance. Kelly and Will especially like to shag on digi camera, and since Kelly is a big fan of anal dance, they thought they would record their own little porno movie.

Kelly had on a dunky pink dress. That babe danced around for Will and the digi camera, pulling her costume up at bit to brandish off her diminutive panty knickers. Then this babe pulled the top of the dress down to show her little merry scones and pink nipps. Will squeezed Kelly’s teats and sucked her milk shakes. The Kelly stepped back and pulled her knicker briefs down and pulled up her petticoat again. That babe opened her pink flaps for him and showed him and the camera her pink wet crack. Will leaned down and licked Kelly’s love tunnel for her. He lapped at her swollen clit until this babe was worthwhile and clean. Then this lady-killer pulled her panties down to her ankle and bent her over the ottoman.

With Kelly’s naked white wazoo in the air, Will widen Kelly’s hips and opened her a-hole cheeks with his hands. Kelly felt Will press the head of his colossal inflexible knob against her anal opening. That babe gasped as the giant ramrod was compulsory into her aperture an inch at a time. She screamed as this chab pulled his jock a little bit pout of her a-hole and then pumped it back in.

Will thrust himself into and out of Kelly’s anus, fondelling her booty raw and getting closer and closer to orgasm. Kelly reached back and stroked her vagina, making her twat drips with cum as Will’s meat-thermometer probed deeper and deeper into her arsehole. Finally, Will shot his cum load into her stretched asshole as Kelly squirted her own orgasm down her haunches.

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Leg Sex February 2008: 70 Images of Lucy Fire

"I love to play dress-up for my dude. I will RANDY whatever outfit suits his mood. Sometimes, I like to dress up as a French bimbo with tattered and smelly black stockings. Sometimes, I play the part of a fetish queen, and slide into a latex outfit that hugs my body. And this time, my mate requested that I be his Ms. XXX-mas in white fishnets that chap could rip off with his teeth."

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XL Theater: 11:05 Minute Movie scene of Lena

“You have to understand the Russian woman and how this babe thinks,” Lena says. “Her highest goal is to acquire married and raise a family. For me it is the same. The partner is the king to a Russian lady. After a Russian woman is wed, the number of female friends this babe has is diminished. She doesn’t have a need for so many anymore. The Russian female and the western lady are totally different. I think we are bigger in size amount forgiving if the petticoat chaser strays.” Precious attitude, baby. Charmer is king!

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Bootylicious April 2008: 60 Pics of Monique

We haven’t observed u since our 1st issue. What’s going on?

“You know, same aged same aged. I’ve been with tons of boyz. Fucking a lot. Teasing them with my booty, although I always end up giving ’em what they urge. Oh, and I picked up 2 dudes on the subway in L.A. the other day and brought ’em back to my place. It was funny ’cause I got the one and the other their rods out and was engulfing ’em, and one of them was getting willing to shag my cookie, and I told, ‘No, not there. Here.’ And I pointed to my butt. U watch, majority angels desire it in their love tunnel 1st.”

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XL Theater: 19:05 Minute Episode of Annie Swanson

“I am in awe,” tit-lover M.N. said about Annie Swanson. “I am not what you would call a religious woman chaser, but Annie Swanson has provoked me to domme worship. I donot have a pregger fetish but Annie is bigger amount alluring than most sweethearts could hope to be their entire lives and is at her superlatively worthwhile!” L.D. said “Annie and her bump is the most impressive sight I have ever observed anywhere. I do not think you lads can top this ever.”

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Cummy Pantyhose

Meet Chloe Chanel, the lastest addition to Cummy Hose. This blonde bombshell is a cutie and looks like a cross betwixt Nicole Richie and Britney Murphy. I hope her boyfriend knows how fortunate he’s! Chloe has prevented by her boyfriend’s place to see how he is doing. He’s recovering from the flu and this babe wants to know if there’s everything that babe can do to make him feel more wonderful.

Chloe’s chap has a hose fetish and when that guy sees her legs overspread in tights this day, he knows exactly what kind of medicine will make him feel better. Just coz he’s sick, doesn’t mean that he’s not JIMMY. This chab begins to rub her wet crack throughout the tights and she begins to receive soaking. This chab licks her cunt throughout the tights and she’s begging to get screwed. One time, this babe makes him subrigid with a quick oral-job, that lady-killer tears apart her hose and buries his ramrod into her juicy vagina!

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Chesty Preggos: 14:19 Minute Episode of Kelly Kay

Big-Boob superstars Kelly Kay, Annie Swanson and Denise Davies flaunt off their stomach bumps and engorged jugs in Chesty Preggos! Their fullsome funbags were giant previous to they got knocked up. When they got preggo, their pointer sisters grew greater too! We asked them for a sexy peek-show and they agreed! Watch those lovely preggers work their fat juggs and luscious, lewd vaginas. Lena joins in. This babe is one more ready-to-pop cutie whose hormones have been wild since the baby batter hit the bullseye. We start with preggy Kelly Kay, one of the U.K.’s superlatively precious titters! Running Time: 14:19

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Sock it to me: 64 Pictures of Shayne St. Lucia

“I like it when a man takes control of me,” says toned and tawdry Shayne. “I am so weary of being the one in charge. When my current paramour ordered me to undress and jump in the shower so I could shave my teeny-tiny bush for him, I jumped at the opportunity to do his bidding. I will admit that the water felt priceless dripping through the crevices of my twat and the crack of my a-hole, and then down my smooth legs. But do not acquire me not right, there is only so much I’m ready to take before I kick off dishing out the dictates, myself. I am not always this accommodating.”

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