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Divine Derriere

Welcome to BootyLicious, Janea! We must tell u that u have a enjoyable set of cheeks.

“Thanks, baby! I love my a-hole. Back home in Oakland, lads call me Ms. Bulky Butt, like that Mos Def song. I suppose it’s cute. When I’m in public, I wear skin-tight pants and skirts that show off my shape. My favorite thing in the world is when I walk by and I hear a boy engulf in his breath and say, “DAMN!” really loud. I like to look over my shoulder and smile and wink at him. I’m a super flirt and I suppose it is joy to receive guys riled up.”

What do u like to do for pleasure when you’re not modeling, Janea?

“Aside from modeling, I’m a part-time pupil. I am studying to become a nurse, so I usually hit the books in my down time. If I receive free time from my studies, I like to go shopping and out to dinner with my girls. I likewise like to go out lap dancing. I love getting dressed up and plan to the lap dancing club. Especially when I meet a man who can dance.”

Is it true what they say that if a boy can dance well, he can fuck well, likewise?

“[Laughs.] I am not sure if that’s a scientific fact, but I like to believe that it’s true. At least when it comes to the lads I have met who are admirable dancers. I suppose it is ‘coz in command to move together on the dance floor, u acquire to be experienced to connect and get into the same rhythm. If you can’t acquire it jointly on the dance floor, it looks awkward. I guess that carries over into the bedroom. If you have a good connection and rhythm, the sex is great!”

Divine Derriere

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Hula Booty

Catalina is a 24-year-old dancer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and when we say dancer, we don’t mean ballet. We mean that this babe receives up on stage, spreads her arse and cum-hole for dollars and then gets off stage and gives hawt lap-dances, grinding her fur pie onto strangers’ dongs. Now, get this: Catalina says this babe can’t live out of to masturbate “while looking in the mirror.” How’s that? “I like to look at myself,” that babe said. “I like to view my fingers and my toys going in and with out my bawdy cleft. It turns me on.” So, will Catalina look at this movie at home? “You’re damn right I will. And I am intend to acquire off to it, also.” Hey, let us receive off with Catalina!

Hula Booty

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Junk Jiggle

Welcome to BootyLicious, Gizelle. Why are u a stallion?

“Because I like to bow over and tell a dude to giddy-up and ride this bulky booty of mine. [Laughs.] And cuz I ride schlong in reverse cowgirl so a guy can spank my a-hole.”

Furthermore a precious flogging, what else turns u on?

“I love it when a man has valuable hands. I don’t mean that this ladies man has girly, pristine hands, cuz I don’t like dainty chaps. I just adore it when a ladies man has worthwhile nails. If a lad craves to be with me, then this chab has to be well groomed and maintain himself. I also love it when a boy takes me to watch my home team, the Miami Heat! I love sports so if u wish to turn me on, let us go look at a game!”

Do you only date ballers?

“I do not need a smooth operator to be rich, but that charmer has to have his shit jointly. I’m turned off by lads who ask ME for cash. I’m turned off by that!”

What was the superlatively valuable carnal encounter you ever had, Gizelle?

“One time I met this boy at the Fitness Centre and we hit it off. We left the gym and went to lunch and that progressed to a quick prevent at home to shower, change and pack. Why? Cuz this woman chaser invited me to go on his boat to the Bahamas! We spent three days in the tropics just rogering and soaking up the sun. It was the highest sexcation of all time and it started with a elementary smile and a congratulate.”

Junk Jiggle

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Cum Discover out My Thong

If you are an booty man, then chances are that u like all things butt. That includes the way an ass jiggles, wiggles and even the clothing that houses that fascinating bubble. Some ass bucks like buck shorts and some of them prefer no panties whatever, but nearly all a-hole fellows love straps. Who could say no to that flawless piece of butt floss that disappears betwixt a fat set of gazoo cheeks? Certainly not us. And the way that Moist CRAIG is sporting the blue knicker in this movie scene is enough to make any gent go barmy. Look at what one skimpy string and a massive gazoo do to this chab. A once ordinary citizen, this buck is now a raging thongaholic, snapping panties and seeking ass all over town. Luckily for him, Wet gives him a break and takes him home… to play with her panty, of course.

Cum Look at My Thong

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Gemini Likes To Be Observed

BootyLicious: 1st I desire to ask you something else. Do u ever acquire nervous in advance of u do a sex scene?

Gemini Lovell: Yeah, I always do.

BootyLicious: How do u overcome that when u are on set?

Gemini Lovell: Um, I try to not think about all the things that make me nervous. It’s usually about how I look or whether I know the male guy I’m plan to do a scene with. It’s just all the things that each female thinks about in advance of sex. You know…am I looking right? Will this smooth operator be into me? All that. I just push it with out my mind and I receive into it.

BootyLicious: Do u get nervous about people being on the set.

Gemini Lovell: [Laughs.] Oh, no. By no means that. Like I said, I like being nude. And to be honest, I like people watching me. I like to have sex and observe the digi camera woman chaser or the clutches on set and see them getting turned on by watching me bonk. Sometimes u are in a sex position where you can not see the person you’re having sex with. Like if u are in doggie-style. So, I like to observe the people watching me and if they are turned on, it helps me cum.

Gemini Likes To Be Watched

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Vanilla Vixen

Welcome to BootyLicious, Elizabeth. Tell us your dirtiest dreams.

“Thank you! I am so slutty to be here. This is actually one of my dreams. I have always wanted to be in a filthy mag, showing off my arse so that excited boyz could toss off to me. Some gals acquire desirous when guys look at ’em and whistle and call out filthy things. But not me. I love all kinds of immoral attention from dudes.”

So, what do you do for a living, Elizabeth? Are you an sexy dancer?

“Close, but not actually. I’ve plenty of jobs, indeed. During the day, I go to school and expect tables at a local cafe. At night, I work as a cocktail waitress, not a dancer at a lap dancing club. I like working at the club the foremost ‘cuz I love watching the cuties shake their butts and grind. I’ve something of an gazoo fetish. I’ve been with a diminutive in number gals and I love to eat their butts and spank ’em. I likewise like to sit on guys’ faces and grind my fur pie and arse on ’em.”

So, you must be into booty stab…

“I am into the idea of it but I haven’t done it, yet. I crave to actually badly; I just haven’t discovered the right boy, yet. But I know once I do it, I’m plan to adore it. I already masturbate with a anal plug in my booty. I like to stick vibrators in my chocolate hole when I play with my bawdy cleft, too. I cum the hardest when my ass is stuffed full and I work my clit with my fingers, so I suppose that I will be trying anal actually pretty soon.”

Vanilla Vixen



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The Big Apple Bottom From New York

Kakey is a 5’1″ shorty from New York Town with a 25-inch waist, a 42-inch a-hole and an even greater appetite. “I love sex. I like to have sex with bucks and I’ve definitely had sex with babes,” says the golden-haired baller. “Everything begins with a kiss and then goes from there. I like using my mouth a lot and love to get and give oral-service to the person I’m with. I’ve a indeed long tongue and I know how to use it. But if I had to say what I relish the almost any, it is bouncing this big, bulky, luscious a-hole up and down on a big ramrod. It’s what acquires me off the almost any excellent. And I love to receive off. I cum at least twice a day.” Watch Kakey work a hard one with her lengthy tongue and then sit on it and take it for a ride. U must love a cutie who likes to get dicked down wonderful and unfathomable. And when this babe gets hosed down, she can’t live without that her ass has milked tons of cum without this stud’s balls. “When I make a lad cum stiff, I feel nice. I feel satisfied,” this babe said. Well, we can not argue with that!

The Large Apple Bottom From Fresh York



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