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When u wanna be a big star, u need to do certain things to acquire u there. Lailonni was contemplating for a bus, when this white stud pulled up to her and offered her a spot in a rap movie. She comes into his car and down to the studio to try out, and puts on a hot clothes so he can watch if she’s got the goods. She’s so sexy that he’s instantly rock hard, and when that man displays it to her, this babe realizes what that babe has to do to be in the rap flick. That babe widens her thick lips for his manhood, letting him group action her gracious ebon face. africanporn That is not the only aperture this smooth operator acquires to bonk, as he bangs her beaver each which way and takes his spunk in her mouth to be a humongous star.

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Your Servant In Seams

Your Servant In Seams

“I work as a typist in a very busy firm. My boss is a husband and that ladies man demands that I wear prim business attire and look presentable. This chab is a stickler and scolds me for the slightest infractions. This man even points out when my stocking seams are uneven. But when no one is around, he’s on all fours begging to straighten them out himself. I spend my days playing the role of the coyness assistant, letting him yell at me and put on a brandish for our coworkers, but when no one else is in the office, I’m the boss. As pretty soon as the last person is gone, I stroll into his office and tell him to lie on the floor. Then I commence my heels and lay my soles on his face, telling him to inhale the musk emanating from my feet. I do not always have sex with him. I just take him down a peg or two.”

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Britney Young Britney Young
Britney Juvenile @

Britney Young Britney Young

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Bouncy bosoms, Ass & Goo pie

Tits, Wazoo & Creampie

Please meet and greet new XL Angel Adriana Avalon from Pittsburgh, a tall (5’11”) and big-chested (46″) brunette hair who makes jewelry, plays volleyball and is a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan. This babe has wide areolae and very darksome, prominent areolas. It is an arresting contrast. Naturally, Adriana tends to costume to show off her attention getting mambos that attract the male gaze adore heat-seeking missiles. “I usually costume to accentuate my breast valley,” says Adriana, who is breasty and pleasured of it. “I like low-cut shirts and V-necks and I always wear a bra.” When this babe lost her cherry, this babe lost it at high-school. “I lastly gave in and had sex with a frat fellow. Bad preference for a first husband!” told Adriana. This babe also got it on with a cutie in college. After high-school, during one of her more memorable nights, Adriana said “One of my lovers did me in the alley beside my house during a party we were having. She’s turned on by dominating, intelligent males. “I lean towards obedient in daybed,” Adriana discloses. This is her first time in adult modeling. How long does this babe think that babe will glamour model? “This is all fresh to me so I’m taking things one step at a time.” Adriana‘s a solid detect for XL. And for a brand new adult model, she is starting her intro off with a group sex! And not just a a team fuck but a cream-filled climax. Welcome to, Adriana Avalon.

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When Mr. Robbins catches his maid, Giselle, sifting through his wife’s jewelry and trying on expensive pieces, that dude fires her. But this nosey maid isn’t going anywhere. In fact, that babe tells him that he’s going to give her a raise. And what’s the reason for her impudence? This babe knows his messy, little secret. You watch, Mr. Robbins likes to wear women’s shoes and peruse perverted foot porn. That babe lets him know that this charmer is plan to suck her feet and give her more cash. And love the impure footboy he’s, this chab complies. That babe makes him engulf her feet and toss off for her. Then she towers over him during the time that he lies on the floor and works his meat-thermometer during the time that she tells him what a messy pig he’s. And when she is ready, she demands that this chab cum on her soles. This is one maid that doesn’t take any orders!

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Larger Is More awesome

Bigger Is Better

“There is a lot more acceptance of bigger in size than average chicks now, and more opportunities, told ravishing dominatrix, Crystal Clear, this babe of the spider tat on her navel. “That’s in adult entertainment and in the mainstream. I look up to sweethearts who have broken fresh ground and broken down barriers by celebrating their size and not being ashamed of it. There are so many who have made a difference. I admire models like Samantha, Monique, and all of those who know that a big voluptuous lady is sexy and they give their all to prove it to the world. I am proud to be with them. This is so much enjoyment, in nature’s garb modeling and having sex for everybody to watch. When it was 1st suggested to me to do adult modeling, I was hesitant. What would people I know think about it? It turned out that I had very little to worry about. They have been supportive. Almost all think it’s actually nifty! I’ve more fans on the east than on the west coast. I do not know how long I’ll be doing this but for now this is what I wish to do.” If you like ’em thick with huge love bubbles made for jamming and butts for slapping, Crystal is your gal.

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Bathtub Foot Play

Bathtub Foot Play

“I have a foot fetish,” says Mia Bella, a siren who told us that this babe loves to go and watch open houses on the real estate market so this babe can masturbate in the rooms when no one is around. “I think it is perfectly normal to wanna smack and touch a impressive couple of feet. But it’s disgusting if a female does not care for her feet. I cannot be bothered to deal with feet that are dry, coarse and calloused. That goes for the men in my life likewise. If u have disgusting feet, then I will have no thing to do with u. It’s not unbending for a guy to care for his feet. In fact, if this lady-killer wants to be with me and worship me, then I require each single week pedicures from him. Or, this chab can take me to receive my feet done and while we are there, he can have anybody work on his feet, likewise. If that stud cant do that for me, then I of course cannot do everything for him and this skirt chaser more worthwhile make no doubt of that I will not at all, ever joy him afresh.”

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An Gal For XL Chaps

An Angel For XL Men

Meet Goddess De Luca Luca. Cutie is a California cutie who saw our ads for XLGirls models ( and applied. She loves magazines and TV reveals about fashion and homes, watches manga and cheers on the Philadelphia Eagles. That babe always wears a bra except when this babe is sleeping “or just feel love being exposed around the house.” A lad attracts her attention by “being himself and treating me like a woman. The worst thing a skirt chaser can do is call a hotty a whore, especially if that skirt chaser tells other boys a beauty is a doxy ‘cuz this babe would not let him into her pants.” The funniest pick-up line she is ever heard from a boy is “I can be your practice pole.” Girl can’t live with out playing with her pussy and teats. “I feel love fascinating yourself is one of the greatest things. U know what you are doing and there’re no limitations to worry about. My prefered way to do it’s with my fingers sliding in and at the same time rubbing my clitoris. Just makes me so soaked!” Gal has a girl-next-door face, a deliciously thick body and a actually great, good, bigger in size than standard arse. We would even say that her gazoo is her best body part. That babe has the kind of rounded and mounded arse that arse artists look all over to find. (The famous underground comic artist Robert Crumb would like that ass.) Gal has very wonderful pink spreading skills. Girl gets completely exposed and barefoot and acquires off on our comfy divan, digging her fingers deeply into her snatch and spreading it wide open in different poses to display us each millimeter of her glamourous pink taco. Next: movie scene time with Cutie. Welcome to the Bigger in size than run of the mill Expose, Cutie De Luca Luca.

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Petite Dancer

Tiny Dancer

“I had not at all heard of your mag until I saw one in my ballet teacher’s office one night after class. That man was embarrassed at 1st, but I convinced him to let me view it and I thought, ‘I have precious legs. I could be in this mag.’ My teacher must have thought so, too, coz this chab kept looking at my legs with blatant longing in his eyes. I convinced him to let me come to his abode one day so that he could shoot photos of my legs, but what I truly wanted was to view him squirm. It’s not that I do not identify him fashionable, cuz all the beauties in his class do. It’s just that I like knowing about his smutty, little foot-fetish secret and teasing him unmercifully. I showed up in this miniature petticoat and heels and when he saw my legs stripped and nude, I could practically watch the outline of his stiffy through his jeans. I played blameless, but I knew I had him in the palm of my hand!”

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Momoko Mitchell would do everything to be one of those fly sweeties bumpin’ and grindin’ on a illustrious rapper in these movie scenes she’s always seeing, and I do mean anything! Chris Strokes brought the cash, but with just a little nudge Momoko is showing off why her milkshakes going to bring all the boyz to the yard! That babe is dark porn clips engulf that milky white pole if this babe has to, maybe even a team fuck the producer! Chris knows it and takes full advantage of the free, hawt darksome fuckhole that’s near begging him for it! And she rides him right into her dreams!

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