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Striped Seduction

Striped Seduction

Tia tantalizes your jock in her striped nylons that hug her curvy haunches and leave her toes in nature’s garb for languid toe-sucking. This hawt, little thing likes to take her shoes off and engulf on the stilettos just cuz that babe knows u are watching. Tia is the queen of tease and this babe will work her soles and her tiny piggies until this babe is sure u are all worked up. Then it is time for the main event as that babe bends over and displays her pert arse and then sucks on her lustful toes. Mouthing on her digits takes her over the edge and pretty soon she’s rogering her caramel cookie with a vibrator and then sliding that semen in-between her arches and begging for u to cum on her soles. Who are you to deny her your seed? Start stroking now!

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Meet Asha Marie

Meet Asha Marie

We’re sorry to do this to you boys on such short notice but we have yet another amorous, new XLGirl to expose u. As we always say around here, the more, the merrier. We commence with a movie scene and matching photo shoot of this mid-western, cornfed angel. Her name is Asha Marie and this babe packs a 42G under garment. This babe is quite a filthy little talker too in her 1st movie and that is always welcome. Asha can’t live without stripping, hula hooping, tabletop gaming, creating art and reading. Here at, Asha is creating art–breast art–sucking and licking with tongue her marangos and creating pink wet crack art as that babe rubs out a bigger in size than typical one. That babe fingers her bawdy cleft, then plugs it unfathomable with a toy as we dive in for a close-up. Asha‘s low-key in public or so this babe tells us. “I wear bras when I go out but I take them off when I can receive away with it. I desire going braless in public was more socially acceptable. I usually wear shy hot clothes that hug my curves. I adore dressing sensually out of showing lots of skin. Sometimes I adore wearing lacy, low-cut tops that unveil off my deep cleavage.” Asha is a cheerful playgirl and enjoyed getting loose at XLGirls. “I like my life and I’m not sure there is much I wish to do that I haven’t done yet but I am always open to fresh experiences. I’m happy and I adore it when life surprises me. I adore sex especially oral–giving and receiving.” Welcome, Asha Marie!

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Coco and Lacey have a secret that they require to share to the world through this video. And that is how much they like the smack of a soaked episodes porno gratis swarthy beauty’s soaked oozing twat. No wonder why they just now go to work on pleasant each other, stripping one some other bare and diving in, as well as paying close attention to their hot feet. You’ll watch them kiss and rub them all over their bodies before shoving ’em inside their damp twats, stopping solely to porno feet lick the ejaculate off of their toes. To finish the job, they use dildos to group sex the hell with out their holes and make them scream out in ecstasy as they cum over and over once more.

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Scones and Butt on Glass

Tits and Butt on Glass

Kristina Milan is a popular gal. She does fit the “Goddess” category with her earthy, mamazonian look. No surprise there. And even though the XLGirls community is largely a silent one that doesn’t email or comment that often, Kristina inspires an above run of the mill number of props. This babe is also a titanic #1 fave of many tit-lovers. Adore Cheerful Charmer who says: “Man, this woman is just astonishing. Kristina has enormous brown pantoons and a hawt body. That babe has a very marvelous face and smile. Her positions and expressions are very sexy and she seems to get more astonishing with each discharge.” Brad comments: “Kristina‘s magnificent brown curves are so lovely and plump. Screw that babe is such a Domina in need of worship!” This photo sequence is different than Kristina‘s previous glamour photoshoot sets. We pursue Kristina as that babe showers 1st, then dresses up to go out, in that dictate. Whoa! Hey, where’d that toy come from? This babe did interrupt her shower to buzz her pussy a little and then went back to showering. We likewise loved the tits-and-glass, and ass-and-glass shots. Whoppers against glass is a neglected photo-art in big-tit photography but we try whenever we’ve the opportunity. It’s always valuable to watch Kristina Milan afresh, wet or dry. This babe has the “magic”–the talent at communicating her personality and soul throughout the camera that makes you feel as though she is doing whatsoever she’s doing just for u.

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Sweetheart Boombalottie

Hottie Boombalottie

Who’s that girl? She’s playgirl boombalottie Marilyn White, a newbie who’s new to XLGirls and real eye-candy. Marilyn has an extraordinary bod and a fascinating, glamorous face. This babe opens up to let’s afresh investigate her sexy, pink cum-hole and brown-eye, and her generosity is appreciated, make almost certainly of us! Marilyn describes how a vixen as stacked as she’s worked in a combination porn store and undress club. This is ravishing stuff cuz we all wonder about the cuties who handle the counters in adult mag stores. Most of the time, very, very scarcely any come close to somebody who looks as good as Marilyn does. No wonder that the customers kept asking her when that babe would dance on stage, likewise. Bursting with ripeness, Marilyn remembers one of her horniest times in school. “My hubby at the time and I were in class jointly and during the time that the teacher was standing right in front of us giving a lecture, I jacked my boyfriend off under the desk. After this Lothario got off in my hand, I quickly had to excuse myself to the restroom to clean off without anyone noticing. I know I have had other kinky encounters but that has always been the one that’s indeed stood out in my memory!” It is a wonderful thing for Marilyn and her hubby that the professor didn’t practice the Socratic method and ask Marilyn to stand and answer a question! For the record, we have invited Marilyn to try that hand at a boy-girl on XLGirls. Marilyn‘s on the fence about this so let us give her some encouragement. Comment beneath and be persuasive!

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Locker Room Groupie

Locker Room Groupie

Here’s anybody new to XLGirls (a personal request by the editor), who will rock your socks off as that babe did to the stunt-cock that is intend to work her out in “Locker Room Groupie.” She’s Salena Marie, all the way from zipcode CA. Salena loves shopping, going out with her gals and that babe likes Jersey Shore and Snooki. She kinda bears a resemblance to Snooki also, short and stacked. (So does Tatiana Blair.) “The 1st time I had sex, I was hooked,” exposes Salena. “I’ve been a freak ever since. I love to have it at least five times to ten times a week.” Salena‘s fitness instructor plans to do a thorough job of training her. “So how are u going to stretch me this day?” Salena asks JC. “I do need a stretch.” “Let’s receive this off 1st,” JC replies. He craves Salena to change without her hot outfit into a fitness outfit. “Have a seat and we’ll initiate to stretch you out,” JC grins. “Talk to me about your fitness goals.” JC cups Salena‘s large breasts that are pressed against his groin. Salena describes what this babe wishes disciplined, caressing her hands all over JC, especially his pipe area. U know where this is going. “Stretch me valuable this day,” Salena requests. Oh, don’t worry about that. This babe squeezes his package as that guy unhooks Salena‘s below garment to have to the goodies, those 36F-cup topper-whoppers. Salena‘s fitness instruction takes a backseat to hawt locker room smushing as JC comes to a culmination to really stretch Salena precious with his exercise equipment. Salena is in whole agreement with that plan one time that babe acquires her hands on his larger than standard tool, her eyes brightening up. Welcome aboard, Salena Marie. As far as fitness goes, u fit right in here and so did JC, into you.

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Mahogany Bliss is the type of dark angel that you will dream of – she has a colossal backdoor, fishnet nylons, and high heels. Her backside is bouncing up and down adore a motherfucker, and she smacks it to keep it going. Steven French knows when he anal goo pies sees a great piece of anus, lesbian and it turns out that this is one of his prefered ebony divas to bonk. She has it all, so I of course cant blame him for his choice. I adore seeing this shit, and when she jiggles up and down on that meat-thermometer this babe feels it splitting her in 2.

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Classic Curves

Classic Curves

“I think that babes should be squishy and feminine and should costume to catch a man’s attention,” says vintage hottie, Valory. “I take time with my appearance. When I pick out my outfit, I pay specific attention to my nylons, my garter and my heels. Coz I know men love the way they look. When I go out, I love to suit up in beautiful dresses with silky lingerie below. I wear nylons or tights. I’d not at any time leave the house with nude legs! And I at no time wear flats. I wear glamorous and hot high heels everywhere I go. I love most of all the way that high heels make my calves look and push my knockers up and outward. I think it’s important to always look your best because u not ever know who it’s that u will meet when u are out and about. When I walk down the street, certainly fellows whistle at me and try to get my attention. I not at all discourage ’em. I savour that they appreciate my body and my style. That’s why I suit the way that I do. I smile in their direction, maybe I flash ’em a little bit of my thigh and feign that I’m just adjusting my nylons. You don’t receive to reveal a dude too much, cuz they have wild imaginations! For me, it is about stimulating their eyes. One time, I met a smooth operator in a cafe who owned a shoe boutique and that Lothario offered me free shoes if I came to his shop and modeled some new styles that had come in. I agreed and when I showed up at his shop, there were hundreds of strappy sandals, stilettos and boots for me to choose from. I tried on numerous pairs for him and paraded around his showroom for his fun. I knew that that stud wanted to look at me coz my legs and feet beguiled him. I gave him quite a show. And one time this petticoat chaser was worked up, I put my foot right on his erection and said him that I needed a rubdown. I’m sure this ladies man came in his pants while he massaged me.”

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Creamy Caboose

Creamy Caboose

BootyLicious: Welcome to BootyLicious mag, Paris. We are glad to have you here cuz we hear that it’s your 1st time in Miami and your 1st time shooting hardcore. We love first-timers. Tell us, do you love Miami and are you nervous about shooting XXX?

Paris Sweetz: Salute! Yes, it’s my 1st time in Miami and I adore it here. It’s so gorgeous and the people are so worthwhile. And I’m a little nervous about shooting, but I am somewhat of an exhibitionist, so I am more slutty than nervous, I think. I cant await to watch what my fotos look like. I truly adore dressing up and getting my makeup done. This whole experience is magnificant and u chaps have made me feel really comfortable and at home. So, thank u for having me here. I am enjoying myself.

BootyLicious: What do you wear when u are out and about? We are sure it is very distracting to all the men who cross your path.

Paris Sweetz: Um, when I go out, I like to wear little dresses and shorts coz I like to brandish off my arse and my legs. And I adore to wear heels coz I love the way that they make my ass look. When I go out, I suit to acquire attention. I’ve a precious body. I like to expose it off. But, I adore to hang out at home in sweat trousers and a reservoir top, truly. Almost all cuties are the most comfortable at home, no make-up on, with some comfortable sweat trousers on, right? That is how I love to suit. I even go to the grocery store and run errands like that.

BootyLicious: Okay, so tell us one of your kinkiest, secret sex thoughts.

Paris Sweetz: Well, I have this one fetish. It’s a little strange, but it makes me indeed slutty. I wanna be licked. Not, just my cunt. I want my complete body licked. I have this fantasy where I receive turned into a astronomical sundae and then a lad licks me clean.

BootyLicious: Well, we have at not time heard that one previous to.

Paris Sweetz: [Laughs.] I know it is kind of unconventional and perverted, but it makes me randy to think about a lad licking me from head to toe. I likewise wanna have sex on the beach. I like to have sex out side and sometimes in public places. The idea of almost getting caught kind of turns me on, likewise.

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All About Zeta

All About Zeta

Our Voluptuous editor, Scoreland Blogger and busty able Maria speaks to Zeta Verrone here at so we can learn all about Zeta. Everything there is to know. What does that babe like to do? How did that babe cum to adult model at XLGirls? Is this her first time? What’s her life love? And many more questions that Zeta answers in this up-close and greatly personal chat. Zeta has phenomenal mambos that this babe will brandish one time another time in close-up. What pointy teats she has! This babe could blind a guy with them! But no worries. Zeta‘s a softie, a playgirl boombalottie just the way we like Them at XLGirls. Let’s go to the episode as Maria and Zeta join forces in an XLGirls exclusive!

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