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Smother Vixen

Smother Babe

Diamond Knights has a wild side and this babe told us about it. “I lost my virginity to my topmost friend’s brother at my friend’s house. I like having sex in the woods and at drive-ins in the back seat of my car. I love screwing in hot tubs and on balconies. I once had a 3some with a husband ‘coz this gent wanted one. She ate me but I did not love that too much. I adore guys and meat-thermometer. I love a lady-killer who is good at rubdown.” Calling Diamond sexalicious is not a mistake. “I love to ride and I love to watch a buck cumming. It turns me on. I’m not passive or assured. Sometimes I like to take control and sometimes I adore the lady-killer to take control. When I’m excited sufficient, I’ll begin the sex!”

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Coco and Lacey have a secret that they wanna share to the world throughout this clip. And that’s how much they like the taste of a enjoyable swarthy beauty’s leaking moist grab. No wonder why they immediately go to work on pleasing each other, dancing one one more exposed and diving in, as well as paying close attention to their hawt feet. You’ll watch ’em kiss and rub ’em all over their bodies in advance of pushing ’em inside their juicy vaginas, stopping merely to take up with the tongue the cum off of their toes. To finish the job, they use dildos to bonk the hell out of their holes and make them shriek out in ecstasy as they cum over and over again.

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Dark Hunter Bags A Pale Redhead

Black Hunter Bags A Pale Redhead

Welcome back to pale-skinned, redheaded playgirl Sonja Haze who reaches out and gets a clutch on Asante’s knickers to feel the hard chocolate cocksicle within. That babe is looking to remove the wrapper as in a short time as possible. XLGirls is always glad to match up total strangers and see how quickly they become fast, fast allies in every way. “I can’t expect to acquire that in my face hole,” murmurs Sonja while Asante cops a feel of Sonja‘s jugs through her corset. They look willing to spill over like an overfilled lake. Sonja rotates her waist so that her twin melons shake a bit. They’ll be shaking and jiggling a lot more when Asante slides his bone through her boob valley. “Want to engulf on these larger than typical screwing milk sacks?” Sonja asks, rhetorically. It’s easy to remember that Sonja has one of the dirtiest mouths of any glamour model at XLGirls. That babe may have the dirtiest, which is always highly appreciated. There is nothing love a cutie who can acquire as down and as verbally indecent as a lascivious male perv. Asante grooves on Sonja‘s chest for a bit. “I’ll be your impure little screwing wench tonight,” says Sonja. She is really great. “We can play that game, you ribald little naughty slut,” replies Asante, energized by Sonja‘s teasing tititude. Sonja is also contented of her large, round wazoo and sticks it out so Asante can spank her well-padded booty cheeks. “See how moist you make that pussy?” moans a bent-over Sonja. No one is more ready for the black meat-axe to be pushed in her face hole and pussy-hole than this cum-sucking piece of butt. This is Sonja‘s second pole dance experience at XLGirls. Please reveal her some adore for being the naughty beauty that babe is.

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Everything is Roses

Everything is Roses

What sort of fellow makes Rose Valentina‘s areolas receive hard and her fur pie damp? Does this chab get to look any particular way? “I’m an equal opportunity employer,” Rose disclosed. “If you’ve got it, you have got it. It is not all about looks, I am not shallow. I do have to be physically attracted to the stud but u could have a six pack or be overweight. If you make me chuckle that is all that matters.” In her free time, Rose keeps herself available but has a playbook that babe lives by. “My best friend and I go to the Fitness Centre or we lay out at the beach. Every Wednesday we go out and party at the same place. People will definitely remember me if I come back to a exotic dancing club. They might not remember my name, but they’ll remember my milk shakes. They receive me to the front of the line. We inspect all the cute boys. It doesn’t matter what we do, we make sure we receive out and we’re not at home staring at every other. I’m a good Jewish hotty. Kind of. I try to be. But just because I do porn doesn’t mean I’m gonna have a one-night stand with them. I still have the same morals. I wasn’t promiscuous before doing porn so that’s not going to change. Obviously I love to have sex but I’m not plan to go around and just shag any Lothario I meet on the street.”

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Denim Queen

Denim Queen

Barbie Baja is a jean queen in denim and thigh-high, four-inch boots that showcase her ravishing gams. That babe loves to suck on the heels of her shoes and on her red-polished toes during the time that she lets u view her cum. But it is not just about her release, coz Barbie craves you to suggest your tribute to her toes. “I like it when a man cums all over my feet,” says Barbie. When a woman asks, u should oblige. Perhaps u should coat her enchanting size 7 1/2 feet, gentlemen.

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That Thick White Sweetheart

That Thick White Honey bunny

Julie, your booty is luscious…
“I know. That is how we grow ’em in Texas, baby. I’ve had a chunky ass since I was in my legal age teenagers. I guess it’s my paramount feature and I like it.”

Tell us about that arse, especially how u adore it handled, Ms. Specie.
“Well, for one thing, I adore it handled roughly. I adore dudes with big hands who love to spank me good and rock hard. I adore my arse to acquire admirable and red. Then I wanna be bent over and screwed truly rock hard in doggie-style ‘coz that’s how I cum the foremost. I don’t actually need a lot of foreplay before sex, but I do not mind mouthing 10-Pounder.”

What do u adore foremost about sucking shlong?
“I am glamorous uncomplaining and I love it when males tell me what to do in the bedroom. So, when I go down on a boy, I adore to be on my knees in front of him and I love when that stud says all sorts of dirty things to me during the time that I engulf him off. The raunchier, the better. I love getting him valuable and subrigid with my throat and then begging him to slip his dick inside my twat. I’m not into anal, so I do not urge him in my gazoo. But I do like it when a woman chaser cums inside my cunt during the time that we screw. There’s nothing like feeling that warm cum running with out your cookie. It feels so screwing valuable.”

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Oiled In The Sun

Oiled In The Sun

Delilah Dark. A swim dress. A bottle of suntan baby oil. The Miami sun. That is the meaning of life at XLGirls. Delilah does paramount justice to her skimpy bathing costume. This babe receive to drive the locals kooky back home in California whenever that babe goes to the beach. Delilah would be right at home living in Miami or Fort Lauderdale near the beach where she could spend all day in and without her bikinis and drive the locals here bonkers also. Delilah even included in her adult model bio that her idea of a perfect day is relaxing at the beach and playing in the surf. XLGirls member Mav spoken about Delilah: “This cutie is captivating and her knockers are simply out of this world–bring her back.” And that we’ve. That babe calls herself an “ancient history geek.” This is the kind of bouncing sweetheart that inspired ancient empires to vertical temples and monuments, erect being the key word here. Stay tuned to for the movie scene version of this slicked swim suit enchanting heart with magnificent mams as well as another bed-bouncing with an XLGirls stuntman.

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There is a lot of sexy chocolate on that sofa, as Taylor and Hydie must know each other, talking about sexy sex, especially betwixt 2 vixens. No wonder why those darksome hotties initiate getting naughty on the couch with the quickness! They whip out every other’s hooters and start engulfing on their nipps, beginning the groaning process that receives ’em so moist. In a short time sufficient, their pink twats are the star of the unveil, as they strip nude and receive filled up with some joy vibrating toys. They acquire louder and louder the faster and harder they acquire rogered, as their juices flow all over the sex toys whilst they bring every other to explosive orgasms.

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Stocking Expose

Stocking Show

Natalie Minx is a leg seductress. She knows u adore her legs and this babe loves showing them to you. This statuesque brunette hair temptress receives off knowing that right now, you are looking at her photos and tugging on your schlong with reckless abandon. U are jacking off ‘cuz that babe wills it, not because you do. Each stroke on your stiffy is a victory for her ‘cuz whilst she is unaffected by your display, this babe knows that u are hers to toy with. She will tanalise you and provoke you cuz one time you’ve spilled your seed that babe has won. Check out the way this babe carefully slips on her Cuban-heeled seamed nylons. She is careful not to tear them or cause a run coz this babe desires to look ideal; she’s your mastix, after all. Do you like what u see? Will u worship her, footboy? Will you fall to your knees in advance of her and bow your head down to her feet, silently begging her to allow you to touch her consummate French-manicured toes? Will your balls pain, heavy with the pressure of your passion when that babe denies u with a dismissive wave of her hand and proceeds to costume? Don’t you urge to chase those seams all the way up the length of her calf, past her knees to the soft flesh of her hips? Yep, u do. “I know your 10-Pounder is rock hard and confined in your trousers, but u more worthwhile not even think of touching it,” that babe tells u with a sneer. “I’m putting on a brandish for u and I do not desire you cumming, yet. Not one sticky drop! I suppose that by now, we one as well as the other know the rules, and they clearly put me in charge.”

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Holly Jayde from California returns for a healthy serving of interracial cream-pie courtesy of Mr. Assante Stone who appears to have doubled up on the Muscle Milk before making his way to XLGirls’ HQ, judging by the greater than standard volume of baby batter he has discharged in Holly‘s wet crack. Holly and Stone are stuck together so tightly from the very starting of this scene that you could not pass a playing card between them. They appear to be glued to every other. Maybe XLGirls should likewise come into the matchmaking business! For a girl who loves rogering, this merger need to have hit all the right G-Spots for Holly. “I would have sex 3 times a day if I could,” Holly had written on her model’s bio sheet. This is one randy juvenile lady. Although this babe says she’s the sexually passive type that turns control over to the petticoat chaser, Holly plays Stone’s skinflute love a member of a symphonic orchestra, pumping it to rock-hardness and mounts it in cowgirl for her first ride before this babe is polished in side-saddle, doggie and missionary and then shellacked inside her pink pussy-hole. When Stone has finished his spasms inside Holly, this guy steps with out the picture so the web digi camera can enslave an unblocked view of Holly squeezing the nut-cream without her ravished pie.

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