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Arianna The Voyeur

Arianna The Voyeur

When Miosotis and Arianna were finished with their girl-sex party in part 2 of Mammary Mambo, Arianna said Miosotis, “Now I am plan to view you fuck him.”

Mio is nutty for that after seeing Shane screw Arianna from a hardly any inches away in part one and then appreciating Arianna’s lovely honey-trap in part 2.

After savouring multiple orgasms, Arianna now wishes to view Miosotis give John a oral, her greater than larger than standard mammaries indeed resting on her haunches! Those mambos are beyond belief. They stagger the imagination, yet they are real, unbelievably real!

“Do u adore her mouthing your penis?” Arianna asks John. That babe touches Mio’s KKK jugs and likes the feel. Mio and Arianna became close on this tour to the tropics and although they live thousands of miles apart, they are boob sisters at heart.

“Yeah, baby. Make him cum so hard,” Arianna says. “Titty-fuck him. Put these heavy scoops around his schlong.” Arianna is normally highly sexual but that babe has by no means been so lewd and salacious previous to. It must be the place and Mio doing this to her.

Arianna watches inches away as that gent plows his cock throughout Mio’s enormous love melons. This babe takes his shlong from between Mio’s cleavage and kisses it, then spits on it. This babe wishes him to stick it in Mio’s pink-box and bonk her hard. Mio can not wait for this.

Arianna sits on a bar stool nearby, smiling, as the pair dirty dance the Mammary Mambo.

Mammary Mambo is available as a DVD set at

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For those of u who love to view…Tessa is something to check out. That babe throws herself her own intimate garden party and has fun stomping around the pool in her hot-pink stilettos with their steel, dagger-like heels. This babe rams these heels throughout some balloons as one as well as the other a means of passion and as a warning to dissolute voyeurs like you: You can view, but you better not touch. Tessa then rubs her nylon-covered tootsies along the grass and lets the blades tickle her soles. Knowing that you probably wanna tear her hot clothing off, she gingerly tears her hose off and dances for you, all whilst touching the delicate folds of her bare pussy. Then she crawls throughout the grass and into the sunset…almost as if u dreamt it all. But that babe leaves you beating your rock hard wang, so maybe it was a luscious dream after all.

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Monumental Peaches & Cream

Huge Peaches & Cream

Fresh XL Gal Gina George was identified by a TSG editor on a hunt for fresh hawt vixens with big pantoons and well-fed bodies. His pursue led to Gina who accepted our invitation to unveil her fantabulous talents.

Gina is only 5’2″ and has 34HH hooters. An unbeatable combination.

It turned out that Gina has a lusty appetite for sex and she likes to expose that lusty hunger on-camera. This is called a win-win for everyone. “I am a indecent, lewd, little tart,” says Gina. “I love to suck and fuck hung chaps.”

Uninhibited Gina has her sights set on Jay in her 1st XXX scene and it is a jizz pie climax also! That’s her favorite thing as it turns out. “A valuable, rigid shag and a fellow coming inside me satisfy me foremost,” says Gina. This babe has that lusty British large girl vibe that reminded your veteran editors of Samantha Sanders, Toni Evans and Gaynor.

Gina’s bed-mate is absorbed in a magazine. That will not do for Gina. She has more handsome and greater things planned than to have a reading session in the sack. The sheets are meant to be scorched with their body friction.

Gina knows exactly how to wind up her human doll and set his cock-work in motion. She knows what makes a boy tick. Large mounds rubbing against his prick, for starters, before that babe swallows it down her face hole!

Gina mentioned that that babe has a foot and ankle fetish. You’ll see what this means in the movie. Gina enjoys the full spectrum of red hawt sexuality from exotic dancing to wearing costumes to massaging a guy’s prostate and beyond.

Thanks, Miss Gina George, one of Britain’s bust!

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Each day Meat-thermometer Requirement

Daily Knob Requirement

Mazzaratie says her personal record for consecutive orgasms is eight. We’re surprised that number is so low, cuz if fellows like us were hittin’ that, we’d make sure this dime piece got the 10 climaxes this babe needs.

“I have sex every single day,” Mazzaratie said. “Well, it’s more like 3 to four times per day. I can’t get sufficient dick.”

When you’re as thick as she is, it is not stiff to make sure u reach your daily rod requirements. She’s a white wench with Fifty two inches of arse, and she’s always down to try smth new.

“I’ll try everything,” Mazzaratie told. “I’m into doing mistress sort things. I’ve had sex on a window balcony once. There were people watching below us. They got a marvelous admirable reveal.”

We’re sure they’re pleased Mazzaratie hit her daily cock requirement that day.

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Foot Fetish Newbie

Foot Fetish Newbie

“I am new to this complete leg fetish thing, but I love it. I cant acquire enough of all the new sensations I am feeling. I not at all used to wear tights until I went shopping with this ally of a ally who is a big-time hose floozy. She was the one who told me that masturbating with a couple of pantyhose on was very intensive and perverted and that I would cum so rock hard that I’d be converted. I was skeptical, but open-minded, so I bought my first pair and went home to touch myself throughout the nylon. Needless to say, I wore these hose and myself out. The sensation of the mesh on my clitoris was so intense that I came and came until my legs cramped up. I’ve been a pantyhose freak since. Since my awaking to all things leg and foot, I’ve had three paramours who have been into feet. I don’t think I could ever have sex with anybody who isn’t into peds from now on. There is something about a guy who is ready to kneel at your feet and serve you that is so sensuous and hawt. And I adore letting fellows fuck my feet. I love to look at their hard dicks sliding in and without my foot-pussy during the time that their strong hands pull and hold my feet together.”

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Bad Bad Teacher

Bad Bad Teacher

Savour Nikky Wilder as the blonde with greater than average mellons and a sexy personality delves into her raunchy fantasies and sexual experiences and then transforms into the Bad Bad Teacher right before u. She’s one excited minx. Sex is a stupendous part of her life. How does she treat her boyfriends? What does that babe love to do with her lovers? Detect out.

Bad teachers are precious teachers. Nikky will brandish you what a bad teacher is all about. Nikky likes being bad. And that’s precious. She needs to express her badness and that is what XLGirls is for. To give bad cuties love Nikky a worthwhile environment to act out her bad self and give each stud who sees her giant boners. She’s proud of making studs stiff. ‘coz this babe is a precious girl.

1st, Nikky flaunts her marangos, love tunnel and backdoor. Then this babe exposes how that babe sucks wang using different-sized dildos. Then this babe screws one of the dudes in “First Time Shlong Lap dancing,” her first-ever XXX scene. She’ll be back soon to bonk some more. Coz bad teachers have a lot to train.

“I like being on my knees,” Nikky wrote in her biography. That babe didn’t mean gardening by that revelation. “I have sex not quite daily. I like a nice, stiff pounding from behind until I’m all gooey. I like having my neck kissed, licked and bitten.” That is how a teacher talks? On this campus, it is!

Wild, wild Nikky Wilder. Bad, bad teacher!

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Hotter Than Hell

Hotter Than Hell

“I’m a model but I’m too a dancer,” says Scarlett LaVey who teamed up with Nikki Smith to double down on a smooth operator in the wild and naughty XXX clip “Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates.” It was an fantastic pair-up. They are both 38H bra-stuffers!

Would Scarlet wear this hotter-than-hell suit in public? That babe would need a bodyguard. Maybe 2. Fast nipp access is one of its design features. Scarlet does it justice with these well-rounded curves that babe has.

“I danced ballet, jazz, tap and modern for almost any of my childhood and teenage years so I work out doing plenty of stretching and exotic dancing. It helps to keep me supple and keep my body in shape. There’re plenty of routines that I do and plenty of moves that keep me limp and assist me stretch out my back and legs and ram. Stripping is actually really valuable for you cuz it keeps u flexible.”

Flexibility counts whether Scarlett is holding a pose for a still digital camera or in a doggy-position riding the bigger in size than standard lady-killer. “It’s unyielding to contain bosoms when u are leaking around and jumping, but other than that, no. In fact, lap dancing indeed helped me with my posture and stuff. So I would say it at no time really bothered me to have milk shakes.”

Tit-men are grateful for that!

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‘Chance’ just wanted a chance to make it into the next bigger than standard scene that we told her we were shooting next week featuring one of the industry’s giant rappers. She actually went the distance to prove how much she wanted the job!

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Tysen Rich Tysen Rich
Tysen Rich @

Tysen Rich Tysen Rich

Visit – My Personal Interracial Home Movie scene Collection @ Interracial Pickups | Tysen Rich

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From Porn Shop Clerk To 38H-Cup XLGirls Sex star

From Porn Shop Clerk To 38H-Cup XLGirls Sex Star

Marilyn White worked in a porn shop connected to a strip club. Since majority porn shops seem to hire male crew, marvelous Marilyn was particular, especially since this babe has actually big funbags, 43-inches of wonderment that fill a 38H-cup under garment.

The customers at the store were always pleased to see Marilyn when they dropped in to buy a magazine, DVD or novelty and they often asked if she was interested in becoming a stripper in the adjoining club. This babe commented about this in full detail in her 1st visit (“Freshgirl”).

Over 2 years have passed since that first time on October 7, 2011. But Marilyn didn’t forget about It turns out that Marilyn did join the party and become a exotic dancer after her first time at XLGirls. She demonstrated some of her stage moves when that babe returned to XLGirls (“Marilyn White Returns”). Marilyn likewise decided to go all the way and try her first hardcore shoot with a buck. Sometimes all precious things come to these who await.

The breastivities commence as pretty soon as Marilyn enters The SCORE Group and is welcomed by the crew. Settled in the dressing room before her 1st on-camera XXX, Marilyn chats with the photographer about the action to cum.

James is expecting for Marilyn on-set and when this chab finds out that this chap is the boy who is plan to bust her “video virginity,” he is naturally barmy to get acquainted as quickly as possible. Who wouldn’t be with this hottie? Marilyn is even more kooky to get banged by a adept dick-slinger. She’s been thinking about it and waiting for this time since that babe accepted the invitation! How does Marilyn look doing the deed? How does this babe look with cock in her hawt throat and love tunnel? That babe looks breathtaking! Watch for yourself in Marilyn White’s 1st XXX. Thank’s, Marilyn!

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