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West Coast Trip

West Coast Trip

We’re going to must make a journey to the West Coast pretty soon ‘cuz if all the women over there’re workin’ it love Janea, we’d gladly take a stay-cation on each ‘donk we could find. Heck, if they’re adore Janea, we may by no means leave ‘cuz the only nickname suitable for a honey bunny this bad is “Thick-ems,” and we wouldn’t be pleasured until each one of these bangin’ doxies was covered in thick cum. Janea is an Oakland goddess whose ass and bawdy cleft were built to take a strapon. And that is just the way we like our beauties.

“It feels like I’m just banging all the time,” Janea told. “I’m banging morning, noon and night. I am not complaining, though. I adore it.”

It’s a precious thing this babe can’t live without it because our boy Bushy is more than capable of shagging Janea day and night.

“Nothing turns me on more than knowing I am rocking someone’s world,” Janea told. “When I see my dude about to cum, or trying to avoid himself from cumming, I get so wet.”

She’s not lying. Janea cums within seconds of jumping on Shaggy’s bulky meat-thermometer and is more than ready for more weenie.

“My flawless day is filled with sex,” this babe said. “My guy and I would go to a park and screw then go out for dinner and drinks. We would acquire drunk and go have the kinkiest sex ever.”

Yep, we’re definitely plan to must take a voyage to the West Coast.

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Call of the A-hole

Call of the Booty

Prepare for a major moment in Bri Love’s juvenile life. Bri’s 1st analyzing!

Shyest of the shy. The most bashful and almost all quiet beauty ever to visit XL Cuties.

Bri Love had not at all modeled before this babe came to XL Gals. She has moved quickly for such a bashful chick. From undressed modeling to masturbation to her first full-on hardcore and now to her first anal sexing. It’s the Call of the Gazoo for this lovely, down-home girl, so youthful and tender. Sex will have sex. The more a gal acquires, the more this babe desires.

Bri waits for her ass-fuck expert Rocky to appear. He’ll be taking fine care of Bri. Sitting on a ottoman, that babe rubs her wet crack in anticipation, her large milk shakes ready to spill out of her teddy. Rocky watches. That woman chaser moves in and takes over, rubbing Bri’s clit and grasp. Mouthing her nipples and squeezing her girls.

Rocky is the second porn lady-killer in Bri’s life. Her virgin love tunnel was taken by Tony. Rocky will take Bri’s virgin rectal hole. This babe has not at any time met guys like ’em back home. 1st, Rocky have to prepare Bri. Educate her. This lady-killer feeds her his bone and Bri is kooky to give him a sexy oral.

Widening out on the sofa, Bri squeezes her heavy hills together so Rocky can tit-fuck her. Tit-fucking was a fresh experience for her. Now that babe can practice more tit-fucking (and everything else about sex she’s learned) back home.

Bri’s squishy jugs are heated up by the friction of Rocky’s tit-sliding. Now it’s time to heat up her pink honey-pie. That babe gasps when his sausage penetrates her fur pie. Pretty soon it will be the right moment to come into her young wazoo and screw it worthy.

Rocky enters Bri’s a-hole, building up from slow and effortless to hard and fast. He holdS her by the hair and whispers words of encouragement. Bri’s cries fill the room. The feeling of ramrod rogering her ass is recent to her. Bri gets louder and louder as her wazoo is drilled, every thrust punctuated by a screech. That babe looks to Rocky for guidance and assurance. Not to worry. Bri’s booty is in wonderful hands.

The Call of the Ass is beefy. There is a first time for everything. This was Bri’s first time.

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A Taste Of Janea

A Smack Of Janea

Every boy loves a cutie that is a little bit of a tanalise. This chick Janea is the sort who knows how to do just that. That babe craves to brandish what she’s got before this babe gives u a smack of what she’s got. Not that we mind at all. Watching her pop and jiggle her jelly has us feeling hypnotized. And it’s got Janea getting hawt, bothered and ready for a bulky piece of man-meat.

“Oh, my arse is calling for wang,” Janea says with a mischievous smile. “I want some right now, right now.”

Good thing males love us are at no time out of earshot of a ass call. Our gent Curly is more than ready to give this bad slut the valuable ding-dong that babe needs.

“Oh, you’re willing for me,” that babe says as she licks up and down Shaggy’s shaft.

Shaggy starts off with a little bit of teasing of his own by smacking and nibbling on her butt and fur pie before this chap gives her the knob she’s longing.

Janea’s bawdy cleft is running and she’s willing to devour our boy’s schlong.

“Oh, I need that schlong,” that babe says as that babe hops on top of Hirsute. “I do not wanna get off this ride.”

We do not want u to either, gal. Hirsute lays Janea down and beasts on that cookie missionary previous to turning her around and banging her out reverse cowgirl.

When our chap is done he drops a sexy load all over this chick’s cool wazoo.

Hirsute got more than just a taste of Janea

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Dancin’ Doll

Dancin' Doll

Here at Leg Sex, we adore it when dancers come to our doorstep. And we were doubly thrilled when cover girl Aurora came by to show off her body, so tight and flexible and shapely and smooth! We knew she’d be a hit with u boys, so we had to shoot her right away. This angel is dynamite. Still in the prime of her youth, she exudes confidence and sexuality. She is got a mind boggling personality, also, with plenty of energy. That babe is been a cheerleader, a dance instructor, played softball and soccer. It goes on. With all that physical training, it’s no wonder this babe is as limp as she’s. Can you imagine yourself on your knees looking up into that powerful fur pie of hers, worshiping each inch of these perfectly sculpted stems? And it receives better. Aurora is a total freak. “I masturbate each night, usually just to turn on my partners, with a fake penis at the greatest setting. I say partners because whilst I adore chaps, I also really relish being with chicks. One of the hottest times was when I was at this party… I took this insanely sexy redhead to the washroom and ate her out in the empty tub. Hearing her moan made me soak my panties all the way!”

All of Aurora’s raunchy tales were no thing short of dick-hardening. “My beloved position is definitely doggy-style. There is nothing better than having a dude that knows what he’s doing copulate me rock hard and fast doggystyle until I cum! I also like banging in public. I even did it once on a park bench. Other things I relish include hair pulling, some light smacking, filthy talk, oh, and thrashing!”

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Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care

Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care

Cameron Skye is gonna have a lot more on her hands than this one sick patient. First of all, he’s not sick. He hasn’t been sick all week. He’s solely been pretending to be ill so this chab can have fun Cameron Skye sponge washroom all week. For this he’s not held accountable. It’s understandable.

Cameron Skye is so bubbly and merry that when this babe goes out side on a grey and gloomy day, the clouds part and a rainbow and chirping robins appear. This babe is the consummate nurse, especially for patients who love charming blondes with greater than average bosoms, broad-beamed butts and pleasing, moist boxes.

Cameron comes by to check her patient’s charts and to say good-bye. Yet easy good-byes won’t do so this babe takes his weenie in the palm of her hand and starts to jack him. The Doctor enters the room when this babe does this but that charmer doesn’t admonish her. On the contradictory, that dude is delighted and wants in on the nursey action. In fact, a three-way is just what the doctor ordered and Nurse Cameron is all for it. That babe has a running moist love tunnel, oral lips and a sucking throat that merits an award.

There is a cure for the health care crisis. Her name? Cameron Skye.

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Hung buck Cock James hasn’t had enough wet crack not long ago, so this chab swings by the slut corner and picks up streetwalker Janet Jacme! You can see why – that babe looks pumping palatable in her fishnet outfit, her bigger in size than run of the mill fullsome funbags busting without the greatly thin fluorescent material and her twat and rump brazenly on flaunt. You can tell that Janet is incredibly attracted to the guy, pulling him down on top of her on the sofa and giving a kiss him on the lips, normally a total no-no for a hooker. Favourable Janet has her indecent tramp muff licked by Ramrod, who then climbs aboard and begins to thrust in to the mammoth arse dark-skinned BBW. This is a super stiff core group sex!

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Office Foot Shag

Office Foot Fuck

Nothing thrilling ever happens at Brandon Jes’s office. That babe excuses herself to the restroom frequently to break up the monotony of the day. This babe pulls her tights down and up so often this babe has to buy new ones every week cuz they receive so stretched. This day, as the tights are wrapped around her ankles and that babe is inspecting herself in the mirror, she receives the passion that babe so desperately wants. A hand darts out from beneath the stall, exciting her undergarments and pulling her close to the wall. It’s a man’s hand, and it is roughly working its way up her haunch. Her shock and fear give way to longing as that babe realizes that her cunt has flooded from passion and juices are flowing down her lengthy, toned legs. That babe sits down on the tile floor and slips her lower body underneath the stall divider. Soon two jean-clad legs come below to her side and she sends her feet straight to where this babe knows a subrigid 10-Pounder will be resting. As she massages this mysterious man’s jock with the soles of her stockinged feet, the hands return to commence massaging her clitoris. Although this babe cant watch this chap and this ladies man can’t watch her, they work each other’s body as if they had done it for years. Her tights ripped, her pussy overflowing with lube and her feet now wrapped around a mammoth 10-Pounder, this babe knows exactly what that babe wishes. That babe stands, walks around the stall and demands that her muff be filled. He rips what tatters of the pantyhose still remain and slides his weenie into her capitulating bawdy cleft. As they screw in the ladies bathroom at work all this babe can think about is ending this collision just as they had begun, with her toes working the tip of his gigantic pecker. That babe lies down on the cold floor, her feet in the air, awaiting for the hawt load from this mystery fellow who relieved her of some other boring day at the office.

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New Billibongs & A-hole

Fresh Mellons & Ass

Meet Christine Cox, brand recent to modeling and a referral from a close ally of the TSG employees who thought this Florida honey had the right stuff for XL Gals and encouraged her to connect.

Christine enjoys bowling, swimming, spending time with allies and the easy-breezy Florida lifestyle.

“I thought about trying adult entertainment for a lengthy time but I did not know how to break into it,” Christine told. “I’ve always had regular jobs. Then I met someone who works in adult and took his advice and sent XL Beauties the photos they wanted to watch. That is how it started and it was so elementary. I actually love it.”

Know a gal with the right goodies for Tell her to visit Studio workers members are contemplating.

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Ped Peeper

Ped Peeper

Busted! Brandon Jes has just found a peeping Tom spying under the bathroom stall while she was peeing. This babe caught him red-handed, but he is caught her with her pants down. His hands dart out below the stall divider to seize her high heel and pull her to the ground. Now that babe is sitting there with her tights bunched around her ankles, her long, lean legs pressed against the nifty tile floor and her fur pie still succulent. Await, this babe thinks, I was dry just a second ago. The man’s hands are caressing her silky-smooth calves through the cloth of her tights and sending shivers of joy up her spine. “That feels so admirable,” that babe murmurs to her own surprise. That babe slides her legs below the stall to show off her now stripped butt. The chap walks around to her side of the stall, presenting his stiff wang. That babe doesn’t even turn over; that babe just moves her peds to his dick and begins rubbing his glans with her toes. After a moment they the one and the other make a decision it’s time to screw. That fellow rips a aperture in the butt of her tights, using his clutch on her brassiere to pull her doggie-style against his schlong. It is not lengthy previous to this babe feels his 10-Pounder swell with an impending climax. “Cum on my soles,” this babe trousers. That babe collapses onto her abdomen, presenting her arches for his naughty tribute.

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Catching up with Nikky

Catching up with Nikky

U already know this is Nikky Wilder but if you did not, we’d ask, “Wow! Now who’s this curvacious blonde with her back to us? That hot wazoo is indeed rockin’ her tight jeans.”

Then this babe turns around and faces us. Double wow! View Nikky’s greater than run of the mill bosoms half without her top. Now this gal should be on a pedestal in a museum. But then that babe would not be here getting naked and doing bare things.

Nikky was checking out her options in the dressing room. What should she wear next for a glamour photoshoot? While we’ve her attention, let’s discover out why that babe came back to XLGirls after posing in randy solos and went all the way in full-sex act.

Nikky will also tell us what this babe desires to try next. We can make that happen for Nikky likewise so this babe can play out another wet fantasy fantasy. XLGirls will take care of anything and make it cum true.

After our little “Catching up with Nikky” chat, our bosomy buddy acquires to the naked truth with the cameraman one time again and uncovers that beautiful body. Nikky comes closer, engulfing on her teats and working herself up. That babe wants to copulate again. Lustful minx, isn’t this babe? Obviously we have to make this happen one more time.

With a angel love Nikky, u at not time must leave the abode. U have it all.

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