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Natalie’s Revelation

Natalie's Revelation

Natalie admits in this interview that she can’t do lots of the things this babe used to do. She knows her body and her large mambos are going through stupendous changes and this babe knows she will acquire to adjust to it and deal with her physical transformation as superlatively worthy this babe can.

It is great that she’s sharing it with and its members. Natalie could have kept herself below wraps during her gestation. Dropped without sight. That babe did not. “But I’m happy,” says Natalie. “I’m the happiest future-mother ever.”

Natalie even thinks that her bra-busters will get greater in the months ahead and that babe hopes that babe will be talented to trip to pose once more. So there may be no need to imagine how bra-busting she will be in three months. She thinks that babe may be lactating pretty soon. “I know plenty of u boys will be the happiest on earth to see me lactating, to see my milk coming without my marangos and it will be a greater than average surprise for me also.”

Natalie talks about her violent sex drive and how much more sexually excited she’s now, watching sex vids, feeling her funbags and her bump grow greater and greater with each passing day and hoping you chase her each step of the way.

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Put Your Red Dress On Tonight

Put Your Red Dress On Tonight

Sarah Rae looks great either clothed casually or in a hot-date costume, like the one she wears in this photo widen and video. What is the right technique for Sarah to get the one and the other teats in her face hole and hold?
“Suck stiff,” advises Sarah, super-wholesome girl-next-door with 34JJ bumpers. “I love to kick off mouthing a little bit in advance of the areola, it helps me balance the weight.”
Has Sarah timed how many seconds that babe can hold ’em with mouth suction?
“I can merely hold the one and the other for a pair minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I’m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming…all day!”
What is the #1 thing her fans wanna watch her do?
“Probably hardcore, but I don’t think it is for me. Moreover that, flash my bra-busters. I love flashing my bosoms.”
Stay flashy, Sarah.

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Cum Correct

Cum Correct

“I love a guy that’s smooth and assured,” Enjoyment Mia told. “I need my charmer to come correct.”

Well, with a name adore Commando, you already know our ladies man is more than equipped to make sure that Mia cums correct. But, he is smooth, likewise. As Mia makes her way to lay out on the pool deck, Commando quickly hops out of the pool and makes his way over to her. This charmer kindly offers to rub-down baby oil into body and ass and, certainly, Mia can’t turn him down.

Eventually, Mia offers that they have to finish this inside. And that is where the slip-n-slide enjoyment really starts.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this cock,” she says lustily.

That babe hops on top of a sofa and pops her chocolate coochie on Commando’s magic stick.

“Fuck me,” that babe trousers with each thrust. “Fuck me! I’m intend to cum.”

That is just the first nut that Mia is intend to bust here, though. Commando turns Mia around and beasts on her twat from behind.

“Oh, screw!” she screams once more. “I’m gonna cum!”

Commando can’t hold off his ball batter either now, and this gent discharges a heavy load all over her a-hole.

Neither one of these 2 had a problem cumming correct.


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Semen My Wet crack

Cream My Pussy

It’s Marilyn White’s third fuck-party at XLGirls. She’ll be blowing out Rocky’s candle to celebrate and cumming hard herself. The digital camera is not this inanimate machine operated by a smooth operator silently recording her getting humped by a stranger. It’s an added stimulant to Marilyn’s carnal imagination and dreams that’s led her to transition from a porn shop clerk to a solo adult model masturbating with large toys to an sexy dancer to an XLGirls pornstar. Knowing her movies and photo widens are being enjoyed by countless eyes is a gigantic turn-on for her. This is a naturally lusty gal who’s letting it all out and experiencing her erotic dreams, the kind majority babes just adore to read about and experience vicariously.

You may recall what Marilyn told about her interests. “I’m into multiple partners, greater than standard juggs, creampies, tit-fucking, large dongs and BDSM.”

Let us review.

Multiple partners. Check. (Her second scene, “The Precious, The Bad & The Big boobed.”)

Bigger in size than typical boobs. Check.

Tit-fucking. Check.

Large ramrods. Check.

Creampies. With this scene, check.

BDSM. Maybe in the future.

There are still some more of Marilyn’s fantasies to make real. “My dream is to have a three-some with a lad and a goddess and have the boy creampie me and the other beauty so we can lick his cum without each other. My other fantasy is to have a trio with 2 lads and be DP’ed.”

That is a girl with a hawt imagination.

Time will tell!

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Gratifying Mia

Pleasuring Mia

Names do not acquire more fitting than Joy Mia. There is no thing we’d adore to see more right now than Mia being pleasured. Our lad Commando feels the same way. After Mia makes her way out to the pool, Commando is worthy enough to assist lotion up her thick chocolate wazoo.

Of course, things initiate to sizzle after Commando lays down a hardly any coats of baby oil. Mia jiggles her ass a bit to tanalize him, but she is the one getting hotter. Mia pulls Commando’s meat-thermometer with out his swim trunks and stuffs it into her throat while this buck is smackin’ her gazoo.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this 10-Pounder,” Mia says

Sitting on top of a white bed, Mia pops and drops her ‘donk on Commando. Then, he flips her around and beats up her phat booty and slit from the back.

“Fuck me!” Mia says as Commando picks up his pace. “Oh, god! I am plan to cum!”

With an a-hole and wet crack this bangin’, Commando can only hold out for so lengthy, also. This skirt chaser shoots a load of cream all over her chocolate trunk.

Mia happily rubs it into her a-hole. Yup, that is how you enjoyment Mia.


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Saucy Girl

Saucy Girl

You’ve by no means seen a pizza delivery love this one at XLGirls. Fact: there’re no pizza delivery cuties dressed in skin-tight jeans, a skin-tight top, high heels and a ball cap and who look exactly love Jennica Lynn.
So let Jennica into your place! The Swedish bombshell’s got some deliverin’ to do!
Jennica is no usual sauce, dough and cheese courier. That babe is got some mighty particular toppings that no one else has. Sit back and have pleasure the delivery.
How did Jennica get this great job? Did she apply to the pizza messenger institute? It was easier than that. The SCORE studio ( was looking for qualified pizza deliverers, no experience required.
In fact, Jennica worked at a few jobs previous to this babe endevoured the one thing that made everyone’s dream come true.
“I moved around to different types of jobs when I came to England. I worked as a shop assistant for a whilst. I worked in hotels for quite a whilst, and then I ended up as a web cam model. The gals on the web cams just always looked so pretty on there! The other thing was that I just have the breasts for it. I think they work indeed well for me. U have to use your assets!”
Now that babe receives to voyage the world.

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Brown meets ebon in this Latin on darksome interracial vid. It starts with a astounding strip tanalize from large breasted darksome harlot Lexi Martinez, a lighthearted ebony hottie with outstanding funbags. Then she’s joined by her Latin man Pablo, who sits back and enjoys a fantastic oral sex from the meat-thermometer hungry harlot. Lexi bows over, showing off her voluptuous booty to Pablo, who licks her butt crack in advance of this skirt chaser slides his hard rod into her slot. Lexi receives gang drilled from every angle, repeatedly taking the slippery jock down her mouth to clean it and lubricate it previous to more sex ensues. That babe greedily swallows the entire load, making sure she doesn’t miss a drop.

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Maria Moore: a name synonymous with greatness. Today’s Jackumentary looks at the highlights of her scenes at V-mag and XLGirls. The show opens with Maria meeting TSG editors on her first day in 2003. They were boob-drunk for the rest of the day, wandering the halls in a dazed condition.

Anyway her physical blessings, Maria’s point-of-view about sex, relationships and life intrigued everyone. “I have a theory about the 1st date,” Maria told. “I think you should have sex first. Why waste your time having dinner with anybody you don’t love? I suppose u should just get it with out the way and investigate if the sex is admirable, and then, if it works out, have dinner. I make almost certainly of in him coming in 1st and fucking me. I invite him in and have sex. That’s my prepossession. I’ve been rejected a slight in number times and had a hardly any bad dinners, but it usually works out to one as well as the other of our advantages. We’ve sex and we loosen up during dinner. We have a more nice date, and, of course, we adore every other more. I guess that’s a better way.”

An gorgeous philosophy.

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Stockings Rammed

Stockings Stuffed

All nice beauties receive their nylons stuffed with goodies, and no one knows that more astounding than Leena Lane. This babe flaunts u her gracious legs and spanks herself for nice measure. That babe prances and preens in her sheer and glossy hose in front of the fireplace, and then unwraps herself, so you can view her suck her toes. It is a very perky time with leggy Leena and she wants to make sure that when u look at her, it’s not a lump of coal in your pocket that is causing the bulge in your trousers.

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No Bra Can Hold These For Long!!

No Bra Can Hold Those For Long!!

One thing about Each claim is true. “No Brassiere Can Hold Those For Long!!” is the name of this Natalie Fiore scene. And it’s 100% true. Natalie’s stomach bump and her now mountainous bosoms which you saw Natalie tape-measure last time at 52-inches, an awesome number for natural pantoons, has generated equally larger than standard passion.

The reaction to Natalie’s announcement of her pregnancy and her crave to proceed adult modeling while preggy has sent shock waves of fun to her fans. This babe says that getting preggo is the colossal event of her life.

Natalie continues to wear very tight tops and bras. Imagine the stir she causes wherever she goes. It was wild previous to. Now it is even wilder. Everywhere that babe goes, doors open wide. In this second installment of Natalie’s preggy tour, our longtime adult model enters the kitchen wearing a dunky mini-skirt and a constricted cardigan over a tight white brassiere. But not for long. Just sufficient time for u to sop up the sight of how that babe looks when this babe goes out. Natalie gets totally bare to play with her now-immense titties and rub her clitty. To cool off, that babe has the flawless body lotion. Milk! Natalie’s love muffins will be full of it pretty soon enough!

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