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Miss Beck Is Back

Miss Beck Is Back

XLGirls is happy to report that Anna Beck is back after an absence of numerous years. If u remember this happy-go-lucky angel from the Czech Republic, she attracted plenty of attention when that babe first began modeling. Then she dropped without sight. Then, just several weeks agone, Anna suddenly resurfaced and was ready to pose one more time. So here she’s, Anna Beck and her super-huge melons. If you don’t remember Anna, investigate her previous sets and episode.

Anna says she doesn’t know if that babe has any special talents. That babe does and the proof is in the images. Anna’s hobbies back home are reading, spending time with friends and caring for her dog. A shopping assistant, Anna has to buy her 85H bras (38F in US size) in specialty shops and have ’em custom fitted. We’ll be showing a undergarment audition movie scene in the near-future. When Anna goes out, this babe wears low-cut tops to attract attention, and attention she does attract.

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Check In, Acquire Off

Check In, Receive Off

Perspired and feverish, one ladies man lays prone on a motel couch as one more gropes the stockinged dish in his lap. They watch the randy heap on the sofa and laughingly suggest that perhaps Bailey, the deviant dame in this scenario, should engulf the poison from his body via his jock. This babe is lustful about the idea. A chance for a seedy romp with two chaps in a motel in the middle of nowhere. This is the stuff of her most-erotic dreams. This babe crawls all over him whilst her other admirer cuddles her shoes and licks her heels. What happens next is a sordid three-way filled with foot engulfing and screwing and 2 creamy loads of hawt cum all over Bailey’s feet. The almost all deviant things happen in mature motels… especially the Motel Voyeur.

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An Hotty For Two Fuckers

An Cutie For Two Fuckers

This is Girl DeLuca’s first trio at event not to be missed. The gorgeous and well-endowed Hotty has sexed it in three previous XLGirls scenes. Now, the statuesque dish cranks up the heavenly heat in her fourth sensual caper, a well-shot sex brandish with DeSergio and Rubino. Our canoodle-cam has captured a steamer. Angel’s raunchy talents are one as well as the other raw and sensual at the same. She is seductress #1.

“I’m masterful in general,” says Goddess, who is bisexual. “I’m not ever uncomplaining. I do have rare moments when I am not necessarily in control, but I’m not letting them take control, either. So it’s just a mutual experience in these cases.” Indeed, this threesome looks mutual with no one playing a masterful role.

“I actually have quite a small clitoris. Everybody tells me that I actually have quite a slight snatch. Everybody that has go into contact with my cunt. I’m not sure if that is a compliment. Is that a wonderful thing? It’s very tight. I cant acquire more than 2 fingers in there. If the meat-thermometer is indeed thick, my wet crack accommodates it. As lengthy as the ramrod is doing what it is supposed to be doing and keeping me moist, we’re all wonderful.”

Angel’s two fuckers make sure to make things all priceless. After all, Cutie inspires wish.

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Motel Voyeur

Motel Voyeur

When Bailey Brooks checked into the infamous Motel Voyeur this babe knew that it was the place to look at and be watched by the majority ardent of leg paramours and foot fuckers around. So it is no mystery how that babe discovered herself in a torrid three-way with those 2 misfits. In fact, when Bailey happened upon ’em, J-Mac was delusional with a fever and that babe sat back and watched the sweat coat his body while that babe smoked, resting for the task of curing his ailment by milking his turgid strapon all over her warm peds. Something about having two bucks at once appealed to Bailey’s ego and have to be worshipped at all times. This babe just now let one as well as the other males stroke her sensitive soles with their hands and tongues so that she could become juicy and willing to accept ’em into her core. Knowing that there were loads of tribute to come, this babe kept her seamed stockings on. She wanted ’em coated in cum so that that babe could smell them later and touch herself to the memory of one as well as the other of her lovers roughly groping her willing body.

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At her roots, Dimples is a goddess. She’s taken other jobs and she’s excelled at ’em. She is a smart whore with a lot to give, but she at not time enjoys everything as much as getting paid to copulate. It’s the one thing that babe loves to do more than anything and getting paid to do what you adore is what life is all about. So rather than try to demure away from her aged profession, the oldest as some people say, that babe invites her old clients to drop by and give her another whirl when they’re thinking about her and her jumbo rump.

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Samantha38G’s 1st appearance in V-mag was the Holiday 2001 issue. Since then Samantha’s been in Twenty five TSG magazines and nine DVDs including 2 feature films based around Samantha, My Bigger in size than run of the mill Chunky Wedding and K-JUGS.

“I always knew I could be a star, that I had that thing, u know,” Samantha said one of our editors in 2007. “When u get into naked modeling, you’re open about your sexuality and you’re open with yourself, and that is the great part about it. But you know how judgmental a lot of the world can be and how boyz adore to separate cuties into two distinct areas: your Gingers or your Mary Anns, the girls you urge to copulate and the beauties you wanna marry. I’m a Mary Ann at heart, but I’m usually perceived as a Ginger ‘coz my sexuality is all almost all people know about me.”

This Jackumentary includes several hardcore highlights, early solos, behind-the-scenes footage and an appearance on a holiday edition of SCOREtv.
Everyone should be assertive in their own sexuality,” advises Samantha. “I have always been assertive.”

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A Boy’s Ultimate Friend

A Boy's Topmost Friend

It is not typical u come across a true dime piece. You know what we mean. A true 10 without 10. But, as luck would have it, that’s just what our guy Big Pike stumbled upon when he strided into Diamond Starr’s workshop. With her caramel skin, taut curves and perfect arse, this sweetheart is what we call a flawless cut diamond. And Diamond knows exactly what we mean.

“A lady with a ideal body,” Diamond responded when we asked her what she finds hot. “She’s gotta be fit, but too thick. Do not receive me not correct, I love pecker. But there is no thing hotter than a hawt female-dom.”

We know Pike agrees. That man beasts on Diamond’s constricted slit as soon as this woman chaser enters the room, and then drops a load on her ass to boot. It is safe to say that this Diamond is a boy’s superlatively worthy friend.

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Sex Games

Sex Games

“Obviously, if a stud loves bigger in size than typical mangos, he’ll be attracted to me initially,” says Sofia Rose. “I’ve too converted some lads to a-hole fellows ‘cuz I’m blessed in that area, too. I’ve even had lads who had not at all dated ethnic women figure out that they like Latin honeys.”

It bears a resemblance to stylish Sofia wishes to play a little rough. This babe mounts Largo and rides him, grinding on top. Sofia is feeling masterful and in control. Her lap riding is leading to unbending feelings. Her greater than standard mellons are hand magnets. That babe knows how to rub a fellow the right way. Juan squeezes and spanks her round ass-cheeks. Sofia loves that and wishes some other slap.

Sofia’s mangos fall with out her monokini top, two colossal zeppelins that even the Jolly Green Stupendous couldn’t palm. Largo sucks Sofia’s brown pointers and buries his face in the deep divide of her super-natural super-breasts. This babe turns around and sits on his face, one of her specialties. Boyz like that.

Sofia kneels on the floor betwixt his legs. Juan stays in ottoman. Pulling his prick with out his shorts, Sofia engulfs it betwixt her lips and sucks rock hard, making pleasured sounds. That babe takes her twin pillows, so large they merit their own area code, and squishes his tool betwixt them. It disappears. Sofia receives back on the daybed so Juan can straddle her chest and slide his knob into her cleavage from this position. Afresh it disappears.

Standing up on the sofa, Sofia is fed weenie afresh. This babe keeps her hands by her sides as this chab pumps in and out of her face hole. This chab gets back on the couch and beckons Sofia to get on top. Her bottom is pulled aside for clear access to her tight pussy-hole and the schlong slips in. Sofia immediately grinds fast and rock hard. She’s lovin’ it. What guy would not be intoxicated by Sofia’s super-sex powers?

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Starr Gazing

Starr Gazing

Generally, we aren’t the star gazing types, but a delectable, celestial body adore Diamond’s would make us consider a degree in ASS-stronomy. She’s rockin’ her much-too-skimpy-for-a-worksite jumper, which, thankfully, leaves no thing to the imagination. Now our lad Big Pike is ready to do much more than gaze.

“You ready to nail that arse?” Diamond says to Pike as that fellow saunters into the warehouse.

Diamond may not be aware, but Pike’s got the type of tool needed to nail this goddess from each angle.

After a bit of cookie and ass poppin’ whilst deep-throating Pike’s wang, Diamond bends over and lets him slip his heavy slice of man-meat inside her.

“Oh yep, you love my cookie, don’t you,” Diamond moans as twerks on his strapon. “I adore your pecker.”

You’re damn right Pike loves the palatable chocolate pussy she is serving up, and this charmer pops a torrent of cum on her wazoo to reveal her just how much.

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Monokini Madness

Monokini Madness

Roxanne is temporarily concealing a skimpy monokini under her dinner date suit. Does this babe have a permit for this concealed feminine weapon? She doesn’t take lengthy to slide with out it. If you went to the beach or to a pool with Roxanne and she wore that, what would be going throughout your mind?

We asked Roxanne to list several of her much loved things.

Beloved nightclub: “Being a rock ‘n’ roll woman, I prefer the metal pubs. They are cheap, they smell love beer and cigs and the music is loud and priceless.”

Much loved singer: “Morrissey and Johnny Money for male and Tori Amos and Bjork for woman. But there are so many that I love. If it sounds a bit atypical, I’ll love it!”

Favorite tour spot: “I traveled around Europe and I did have pleasure all of it. There’re countries that make me wanna detect more of them, such as France, Belgium and Germany. But I too want to see South The United States of America, Canada, USA, Asia…long story short, I wanna visit all of the world!”

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