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All About Harley Ann

All About Harley Ann

Harley Ann is living the dream of a Florida girl.

She is a bartender. This babe sleeps during the day. This babe likes the beach. That babe loves to go hiking, camping and do other outdoor activities that Florida is celebrated for.

Harley Ann tells us glad things about herself…how much that babe can’t live with out her bigger than run of the mill milk cans and her body…how confident this babe feels. “I acquire more babes that, adore, attack my hooters than dudes,” says Harley. Strangers also? “Only if they ask nicely!”

Play on and need to know Harley Ann in this up-close and personal flaunt. This little angel will be back soon in slutty guy-girl pole-bouncing next month!

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All About Harley

All About Harley

What a gal! Fresh arrival Harley Ann says the most-fun job she is ever had was being a gogo dancer. “I would adore to own and manage a club one day,” says Harley. “I’ve too always wanted to write a book.”

We’ve filmed many strippers over the past 22 years and this is probably the 1st time a girl has told this babe wanted to really own her own lap dancing club. Maybe a sequel to the XLGirls video Larger than average Gal Lap dancing club should be on our to-do list.

“I’m a Youtube fanatic,” says Harley Ann about her hobbies. “I likewise like sat by the pool or doing anything outside.”

“Most people notice my bigger in size than run of the mill bra-busters first. I adore it. If you got it, brandish it! I not quite not at any time wear a brassiere. If I can receive away without one, I will. I do adore push-up bras with a unfathomable plunge. I can normally discover ’em off the rack.”

“I’ve been said I am very talented at giving blow jobs!” Harley Ann says. We will be seeing Harley Ann do that next time.

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Pleasant Caroline

Sweet Caroline

We don’t think Neil Diamond was talking about this valuable piece of arse when he penned the now-classic song, “Sweet Caroline,” but it fits this enjoyable heart perfectly. Caroline Pierce is thick-n-leggy, and has milky, lovely vanilla skin, a tasty-n-sweet pink slit and, of course, a ravishing phat gazoo. And we know every ass-loving ladies man out there wants no thing more than to be touching her, and have her touching u.

And during the time that we will not be the ones that have to beast on Caroline’s sweet arse and cookie, we’ll gladly check out our buck Greater than average Pike ram his hard pipe in and with out her. There’re tennis balls and basketballs with less bounce than Caroline’s plump white wazoo, which makes her ideal for our two favorite positions, cowgirl and doggy style. Caroline hops on top of Pike and bonks our boy so unyielding his massive meat-thermometer pops with out her cunt several times. Then, he turns her around and smashes her from the back so hard her moans are a mix of pain and ecstasy.

And when they’re lastly done, Pike leaves fascinating layers of cock juice for Caroline to remember him by.

“Oh, I love your cum all over my bigger in size than run of the mill ass,” this babe says.

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Kiss My Ass Then Bonk It

Kiss My Gazoo Then Shag It

It’s Kitty McPherson’s first sex scene at XLGirls and it is pure dynamite. Kitty did not know Rocky, her shag partner, until he showed up. Before that buck arrives, Kitty tells the studio manager how that babe feels. Lascivious. Slightly nervous. Sexually excited just thinking about what’s plan to happen in a scarcely any minutes. No-strings sex with a stranger.

When they do meet, it’s fireworks time without the fireworks. Rocky worships Kitty’s larger than run of the mill milk shakes, giving her fetching wobblers the attention they merit. That babe kneels before him and sucks his jock and nuts with slurping sounds. That’s why sex movie scenes do not need music. That slurping and lip-smacking sound is music itself.

Rocky checks out Kitty’s booty whilst that babe is in a doggie (or rather kitty) position betwixt his legs. This chab widens her ass cheeks apart and fingers her winky, preparing it for his shlong. Kitty is ready for his meat-thermometer to fill her up. This guy begins rogering her cunt. His thrusts in and with out her fur pie make their own music. Her nice ass is in his hands, for the pont of time. Kitty McPherson: one sexy, mellow and amorous redhead in the prime of her sex drive making her own brand of fireworks. We’ll jack to that!

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Oriental Leg Domme

Asian Leg Mistress

Almost all of Hitomi’s fans notice her bust 1st, but u, sly reader, are not the usual fan. Your eyes may pause momentarily on the all-natural J-cup bouncy bosoms that pendulously hang from her young, supple body, but your eyes are wanderers and there is merely one place for rest: those hawt legs. That’s why we dressed up the world-famous Japanese model in charming undergarments that accentuate her true assets. Those juicy and silky-smooth gams look ideal encased in nylons. And her stiletto mary jane shoes are a flawless mix of naughty and priceless. So here she’s, posing just for you and your leg-lusting peers. Please prepare your 10-Pounder for a fitting tribute to the epic body of Hitomi, Japanese superstar.

Hitomi is of run of the mill height for a Japanese dominant-bitch, but she’s tall this day coz of the sky-scraping heels she’s got underfoot. Oozing from her squashy heels upwards, we see her sensuous nylons imploring you to adore her legs.

Hitomi shared with us that she is not at all given a foot-job, but she’d be ready to try. That babe told that boys mostly just crave to fuck and cum on her large pantoons, and during the time that that’s joy, she’d adore other parts of her body (love her legs and feet) worshiped as well. This babe says her feet and toes are very sensitive, and this babe enjoys having ’em sucked on and pampered.

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The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

It’s superheroine time with fetching Swede Jennica Lynn! At least that’s what Jennica has the appearance of. Our very own wonder woman. That babe can’t fly but this babe can knock you out with her bigger in size than typical tits and bubble butt. She has no lasso of truth but one view her baby blue eyes and you would at not time be skillful to tell lies to her. Those are five kilos of pure dynamite being propped up in her bustier. The kind that cause an explosion in your pants. That’s 12.5 pounds to those not on the metric system!

It is not clear what navy her bustier belonged to but there would be a rush to enlist if this babe was their poster hotty. In fact, some of the shots in this set would be ideal as a navy recruiting poster.

Jennica, along with mate island boy-friends Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller are the stunning covergirls of September 2014 XL Angels magazine (SP 269), obtainable at It’s sure to be a sell-out collectible. Grip yours while it is on the shelf.

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Worth a gorgeous rump adore that, you know that black girl Sydnee Capri has had plenty of masculine attention in her time! As in a short time as black Lothario Lee Bonk lays eyes on that delightsome ensuing, this chab can not aid but worship it. He furiously licks and tongues the anal opening crack, flickering his tongue all over the asshole aperture and pink flaps. Sydnee is quite overwhelmed, gobbling down Lee’s hefty dark ramrod in tribute. He indeed pounds the shit out of impressive Sydnee, holding her up in the air and impaling her repeatedly on the full length of his pendulous member. Lee is fucking well hung – Sydnee of course acquires filled to the limitation!

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Cute & Sexy

Cute & Sexy

Meet Harley Ann, a new gal at and a real cutie pie with 40DD milk shakes. Even our cameraman used the phrase “cutie pie” when this guy met Harley.

Harley Ann is a bartender in Florida. When she’s not getting people drunk on booze and her pointer sisters, she’s at the beach with her friends having fun or doing some outdoor Florida activity. That babe likes to go to sporting events and loves football.

“I normally love to wear a tight dress with a deep V-neck or a taut Tee. I adore my bigger than run of the mill milk sacks and I adore to brandish ’em off.” That’s great self-confidence and we congratulate her. We also applauded when Harley Ann took off her sexy outfit.

A cutie you’d love to squeeze and motorboat? You betcha. That’s Harley Ann. View her hard-on bonus photos and movie scene. In the movie, Harley chats about her interests and what that babe likes to do. You’ll adore her!

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Relax and Pamper

Relax and Pamper

“I like to unwind and pamper myself,” says Tiffany Smokes as that babe undresses off her robe to disclose thick, naked legs. “Nothing feels more nice than a admirable, hawt bath and massaging my feet with some slick lotion. It turns me on when I can feel the warm water streaming over my legs and thighs. And after my sensual bath, I use my fingers to apply luxuriant lotion and rub in-between my toes, stretching them wide. The wider the hole between my toes, the hornier I become. I kick off thinking about a wang stretching ’em apart and it makes me touch myself almost just now.” Well there’s no thing wrong with that!

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Baby, It is Cold Outdoors

Baby, It is Cold Outside

No matter the season, the stylish face, the twin mountains, the gorgeous body and the enchanting personality of this fresh-faced novice is the reason to accept Isabella Grazzi’s invitation to warm the cockles of your heart. It could be July, it could be December. It doesn’t make a difference. Any time is the right time.

Isabella’s a flawless fondle bunny for those long nights, her cushioned skin radiating the heat of fun. Her girlfriend personality comes right through in the two dimensional world of movies and photos and leads one into a world of fantasy. She has flawless, enormous love melons a lad could spend hours worshipping and sinking into.

Isabella can’t live without the one and the other angels and dudes.

“I used to have a girlfriend,” Isabella disclosed. “It was excellent but that babe played tons of mind games so it didn’t work out. But the making out was the majority valuable part.” Was this babe a breasty goddess too?

What satisfies Isabella superlatively admirable?

“Penetration…but I adore being touched everywhere. Like kisses on my neck and gentle hands rubbing my whoppers and behind.”

Judging by what Isabella listed as her erotic dreams (including S&M), there’s more to her than meets the eye. But that’s usually the case with most angels, isn’t it?

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