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Lewd Librarian

Lewd Librarian

Gia Giancarlo is a ball-breaking, man-hating wench of a boss that presides over her business with an iron fist. Well, at least that’s what her subordinates used to think. So they would call her the Ice Queen and whisper behind her back. They all cowered in her presence and no one dared to question her authority. That is, until the day she caught the new mail clerk staring at her legs. “What the fuck are you doing?” she screamed at him. “Get back to work!” But that babe could tell that her authority didn’t impress him and it shook her reserve, exciting her. Her cum-hole became wet. No one had ever dared to defy her and the idea of this underling having force over her was turning her on. This babe began to wear shorter skirts to the office and bright-colored shoes to draw his eye to her peds and her hips. It worked and she could sense when this chab was staring at her. It made her cunt throb that this woman chaser didn’t see her authority as something to fear. This babe would drop things in front of him and order him to pick ’em up so that his eyes could be level with her piggies, but he would ignore her. She would tell him to work overtime and that stud wouldn’t. So one day, she called him into her office for some disciplinary act. The minute the door to her office was shut this gent was all over her. That stud tore her hawt raiment off and ravished her, mouthing her toes and ripping off her panties to thrust his turgid ramrod inside her bawdy cleft. She was wild, crying out for more and more. When that woman chaser coated her peds with his spunk this chab said, “Tomorrow, do not wear belts.” And she obeyed him.

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Lady In Red

Lady In Red

Sometimes boob hounds love us are in need of a thrashing. Danica Danali, she of the succulent L-cup zeppelins, is just the cutie to deliver the discipline we so deeply deserve. As we all know by now, this titillating Texan is one freaky chick. Typically, that babe prefers to be dominated, but this day we thought it would be joy to let her explore a different side of herself.

“I’m usually very uncomplaining,” Danica says. “Especially when I’m with guys, but every now and then I adore to take control. I’ll tie my ladies man down now and then and work his weenie and body for my fun. It’s a pleasure change of pace.”

Danica could tie us up every day if this babe wanted. Especially if she promised to smother us with her enormous milk cans, and then drown us in her wet crack juices as this babe sits on our faces.

“I’m addicted to tit and nipp play,” Danica said. “My areolas are truly sensitive and it seems adore they’re always rock hard. The slightest touch wakes them up. I like it when a dude kisses me whilst fondelling on my bosoms and pinches my nipples. It acquires my vagina trickling wet.”

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XLGirl Origins

XLGirl Origins

Paige Plenty described herself as “young, avid and ready to please.” That was certainly a very accurate description. Our studio team enjoyed Paige’s visits and liked her company. All of us liked watching Paige bounce up and down on the pole.

“I like having sex in front of a digi camera,” told Paige. “It does smth to me. It gets me more sexually excited.”

Paige was one of the 1st XL Beauties and V-Girls to sport nipp rings. This babe likewise makes precious use of her tongue-stud. Paige’s a quiet gal but wasn’t timid about spreading vagina and eating schlong on-camera when this babe got warmed up.

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Tag Her Mounds

Tag Her Tits

Suzumi Wilder is what we like to call a “H-erd.” For those unaware of the term, a h-erd is short for a hot nerd. Suzumi is into clip games, role-playing and other interests of lovable geek-dom. So naturally, this babe jumped at the chance to play a big boobed intergalactic bounty hunter in this bonus scene. Needless to say, this is the role Suzumi was born to play.

“I’m Suzumi Wilder,” that babe says with a bright smile on her face as this Bonus video widens. “I’m earth’s solely hope!”

And clothed like this, this babe is our solely hope to drop a enormous load.

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1st Place Screw

First Place Fuck

If twerking were an Olympic event, Layla Monroe would have enough gold medals to make Michael Phelps envious. It’s no surprise, though. She’s got the type of body that makes other women envious, and when she’s not shooting some of the hottest hardcore scenes around with us, Layla dances at some of the hottest clubs in the country.

A dude has to know what he’s doing to handle a cutie adore Layla and her Fourty six inches of junk. Seth Diamond is that fellow. Hotties say his surname is Diamond ‘cuz he’s got a diamond penis. Layla’s about to see if that’s true.

That babe drops down low to engulf on his 10-Pounder, still popping her a-hole cheeks. That is a accustomed move solely one of the baddest vixens around can pull off. After getting his dick slick and ready, Layla hops on top of Seth and stuffs him inside of her. This babe pops and twerks on his magic stick adore she is workin’ the pole at King of Diamonds. Is that babe dancing or is she rogering? It is stiff to tell, but it actually doesn’t matter right now.

Layla’s been giving it to Seth so far, but it is time for him to return the favor. This chab pulls his knob with out Layla, flips her over and beasts on that slit doggystyle. She’s still poppin’ and clappin’ her butt with each thrust into her cunt, and it isn’t long previous to Seth needs to drop his man-juice. When this Lothario can’t hold on any longer, he pulls his meat-thermometer out anew and shoots his load all over her gazoo.

This was definitely a first place screw.

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Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

It’s a larger than average day for Kimmie Kaboom and a large day for XL Angels. This great Fresh Discovery is about to be filmed having sex for the first time. It is 42H hooter heaven.

Kimmie admits to being nervous about it and that is totally natural. The XL porn charmer Tony D. has nothing but rigid feelings about her and will train her anything about sex on-camera.

What satisfies Kimmie best in sofa?

“Having my cunt fingered and clit played with but I likewise adore a priceless hard jock in my twat. I think I like sex in general. It’s subrigid to pick just one thing!”

Adore some SCORE and V-mag glamour models, Kimmie is married to a very generous large boob lover and this chab encouraged her to pose for XL Beauties. She’s an “XL Girls wife,” like Jasmine Jones, Cameron Skye and numerous others.

“I would say I’m assertive sexually. I mean I know what I crave when I desire it. But I can be very passive and let the fellow take whole control. I’ve sex as much as possible, at least each morning or night. My spouse is a very pleasured gent!” Amen to that, Kimmie!

We will be asking Kimmie later on about her first sex scene at XL Girls. Now pardon us whilst we go kaboom!

Thank’s, Kimmie Kaboom.

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Well it turns out that African maids are not just valuable at cleaning around the abode but they can also leave your knob shiny clean! Antonio is staying at a ghetto apartment in Uganda. He prefers it when in the mood for a cheap ghetto fuck. The place needs cleaning coz it is about to be returned to the owner soon. So that lady-killer calls a maid service. Our sex tourist did not await to watch anybody as sexy as youthful Jasmine when the maid showed up. She definitely does not fit the housemaid criteria. Jasmine is juvenile, has a charming face and a firm thick body. One sure as hell would not think this hot Ugandan ravisher cleans toilets for a living. Little did she know that her job description was about to change when that babe comes into Antonio´s place. This is her 1st time working at a foreigner´s house and she’s quite baffled by our tall white lady-killer. She tries to shut down Antonio´s first advances, acting like she’s merely interested in her work… but yeah right! He catches Jasmine coming without the bath and kisses her neck passionately during the time that his beefy hands explore her thick bottoms. This is likewise much for this wicked young honey. She cannot assist but give into her white lover’s enormous arms right there in the patio. Hawt damn! Jasmine sticks her hands down Antonio´s trousers without even imagining what is envisaging for her. It takes one as well as the other of her little chocolate hands to fetch out that huge schlong. She puts his human hose in her face hole and gives it a thorough blowing. Jasmine goes faster and slower as Antonio´s tells her to… doing as she’s told just adore a fine maid. Antonio acquires way more fired up when this chab sees her pants come off and this stud can lastly watch what young Jasmine has underneath that hood. Jasmine has a perfectly round African backside. This babe sways her bubble tail and makes her cheeks bounce as she slowly disrobes. This babe makes her paramour sit down on a chair. Antonio puts his potty face hole around her hardened nipps during the time that this babe sluggishly sits down on his hard shaft. This chab eases his entire length in her delicate vag before going in for a full ride. Perky Jasmine is a rough rider, bouncing on his tool adore a pogo stick… testing the quality of the chair while she does it. Jasmine’s vag has never been team-fucked this way. She bends over on that chair for Antonio monster weenie to barge in from the back. Her little African darksome berry is juicier than ever and that babe lays back on the floor. Jasmine widens her legs for her white lover´s throbbing knob. They exchange poses and Antonio delivers her a inflexible drilling from the bottom. Our Sex Adventurer destroys that dark beaver until he’s willing to give her charming dark-skinned face a warm surprise. Antonio solely paid for her cleaning service so that chap makes sure to send her booty back to work after nutting on her face.

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Hawt & Pleasing

Sexy & Sweet

If you’re bad with names like we are, encounter a gal like Suzumi Wilder is the ideal situation. She has her name tatted right above her 44DDD bra buddies, giving boob hounds such as ourselves a big titty cheat sheet. It is nearly a shame that Suzumi’s fullsome funbags are so damn-near flawless, cuz that babe has a cute face and a bright smile. Almost a shame. ‘coz we’ll not at any time tire of looking at those damn-near ideal bosoms. And Suzumi’s used to this, likewise. Which is why that babe doesn’t mind that little bull’s eye right above her mams.

“I get lots of attention ‘cuz of my chest,” Suzumi said. “And I love each bit of it! I always try to emphasize my marangos when I go out. I wear low-cut tops and tighter fitting bras to make them pop out more.”

What a hotty. A gamer by day, Suzumi is a nympho who enjoys playing with a man’s joystick at night.

“I have sex as often as possible,” Suzumi told. “If I have a husband, we’ll screw about one to 3 times per day. My favourite position is doggy style. It is the finest. I like having my ass smacked during the time that I’m being drilled, and I adore when the dude pulls my hair whilst screwing me doggy style, likewise.”

She is hot, she’s ravishing. She’s Suzumi.

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Patron Saint of A-hole

Patron Saint of Booty

Layla Monroe is the type of angel booty-loving males dream about. A Cali angel from the Town of Beauties, we wanna call her the Patron Saint of Arse. That ‘donk is athletic for worship, and Layla also loves no thing more than taking large donations in her cum-hole and arse.

Our lady-killer Seth Diamond is the fortunate woman chaser who receives to take a crack at the bad bitch who has taken BootyLicious by storm the past scarcely any months. That babe initially appeared in the July ’14 issue of the magazine as the covergirl, and we didn’t even realize we were helping her fulfill a lifelong fantasy.

“I wish to be on the cover of a mag,” Layla told when we asked her what new things that babe wants to do in life. “I think that’s each girl’s dream, though. To feel gorgeous and be on the cover of a mag.”

Copies of her mag flew off the shelves as quickly as the cream discharged with out our dongs. Seth has seen some phat butts in his day, but none of ’em compare to Layla–whose trunk measures in at a healthy Fourty six inches.

Seth bangs out Layla in multiple positions and then discharges a hot load all over her gazoo. It’s the perfect donation for our 1st patron saint.

Watch More of Layla Monroe at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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A lot of Sex

Plenty Of Sex

The worst pick-up line a buck ever told to Paige Plenty was “If you receive any sexier, I’ll end up with hairy palms in a week.” Truly, that’s not also bad. This buck may have watched Paige’s pictures and videos before.

A attractive hotty with a very hawt body, Paige’s fun bags were very pliable. That babe could pull and stretch ’em love taffy. “I indeed had a admirable time down there,” Paige one time emailed when this babe got home to Columbus, Indiana. That babe was always bonkers to get her raiment off and play with her large mounds and love tunnel in our studio.

Paige started her own web page in the early ’00s. It didn’t last long and has been closed for years. To today, we receive emails and letters asking about her. As we have pointed out for years, appreciate the girls this day ‘cuz tomorrow may be the day when they no longer model and move on to other pursuits.

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